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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Jacksonville Florida Sunset

I’m always shocked at how quickly time goes. I mean, it feels like it was just yesterday I packed up my things in West Virginia and moved to Florida, but here we are, just hitting over our year & a half mark.

Sometimes, it nice to just pause and reflect on what’s going on with you right now. As a whole, I think we tend to always be thinking in the future; “I have to study now so that I can get into a good school. I need to go to a good school and obtain a degree so that I can provide for a family I do not have yet..” And so on and so on.

I’m not saying preparing for the future is a bad thing, I’m simply stating that it’s nice to remember to be present in your life. This is a lesson I struggle with, but am trying to be mindful and appreciate the DAY I am currently in.

So, what’s going on with me lately since the last [forever ago] time we caught up?


Marymount University

I’ve been accepted into my masters program for Elementary Education! Teaching is something I’ve always had a passion for, and am SO excited that I will start this new path in my life!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Marymount University is in Arlington, VA, about 5 minutes from Washington D.C. That is a looooong way from Florida, so if all goes as planned, I’ll be moving up there to complete this accelerated masters program.

::Dining Out::

Eating Out HealthyBurgers are something that I love.. I just am not a fan of the typical calorie count that comes with them. 😉

To assist with this, I’ve tried to cut out as many useless carbs as possible when dining out. Did you know that many places add tons of sugar into their bread? That’s why it’s SO good and SO addicting!

Here, I have a turkey burger lettuce wrap topped with sautéed onions, avocado, tomato,  Gouda cheese, cranberries, and an over medium egg. When you pack your meals with healthy flavors, you’d be surprised at how little buns actually matter!

::Dining In::

Homemade Skinny Pizza

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am a pizza addict! Seriously, ask me what I want to eat, and I will always be open to pizza. [That and sushi!]

Ever since discovering FlatOut bread and the ability to make tasty flatbreads, I have been hooked. Luckily, it’s 90 calories of healthy carbs rather than the alternative.

Here, I have a toasted Flax Seed FlatOut with marinara, fresh mozzarella cheese, baby portabella mushrooms, and red pepper flakes.


My Starbucks Order

I’ve shared with you my favorite way to order a frap & my favorite iced coffee drink from Starbucks, but now that it’s September, I’m switching to the hot stuff!

As of lately, I’m loving a grande coffee with soy milk & 4 pumps sugar-free cinnamon dolce. YUM! It tastes like fall in a cup. 🙂

::Nights Out::

Southern Tier Beer

I’ve finally hit the point of life where I enjoy casually hanging out over being in a packed bar at 3am unable to hear or find any of your friends.

Now that it’s the fall, that means one thing: all.things.pumpkin!

We went to a local food spot/bar and they were having a tap takeover for Southern Tier’s fall beer line and a flight night. Their Pumking is my absolute favorite!


Amelia Island Florida

John Green is my current author obsession. [Did you catch my last book review from his novel, “Looking for Alaska”?]

I’m only about 1/2 way finished with the novel, but it’s really enjoyable. It’s one of those easy beach reads where you can lose yourself in it, but also be able to put it down.


High Waisted Skirts

High Waisted Skirts

One outfit favorite of mine has been high waisted, loose fitting skirts with a crop top. It’s one of those looks that is really comfortable but also cute with minimal effort [aka: best outfit type ever!

I wear them to happy hour, out shopping, even a night out!

Dresses with booties

Another go-to of mine is pairing dresses with booties. Now that it’s September, it’s definitely okay to pull out this fall staple look! [yes, even though it’s still 90 degrees down here!] 😉

What have you been up to lately? xo!


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