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The Beginners Guide to Running a Mile


I read a new book the other week called You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. It was great- I downloaded it on Audible as well so that I could listen to it on my way to work. I cannot recommend this book enough! It really gave me the push to start thinking of my goals in life and what I want to improve on. My health has always been a big driving factor in my life, especially the few months. I've always wanted to get more into running, but it hasn't always come easy. Something in YAABA really stuck out to me, she said, "set goals right outside of your comfort zone and go from there." Start with 1/2 a mile per day, put on a great playlist, and just go out and do…

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Top 10 Cardio Songs & a New Workout Method!


Do you remember when I mentioned that I’m trying to jump up my activity level, but due to high pollen count (and simply taking so much time off from running) it was creating an issue of long, discouraging running times? Well! I have an update for you! I follow a ton of personal trainers// nutritionalists // foodies // fellow lifestyle bloggers on my Instagram where I was told a great tip when getting back into cardio. I saw it in a ton of comments, so I can’t remember exactly who said it (hate when that happens!) but she was a trainer who said that if you need to give your lungs a break (due to pollen), or if you are just getting back into running & trying to build your strength back up,  the most…

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Getting Personal about Fitness Goals : Listening to your Body

I’m on a mission to clean up my lifestyle and that includes more workouts! Cardio is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. I have pretty bad allergies, so when running outside, it takes me longer than a treadmill workout would. However, the outside is justtt soo prettyyyy (living in Florida helps). ;) I am lucky enough to work for a company that allows the occasional work-from-home days. The other day, after having some sink issues, I had to WFH to be there for it. It was just so beautiful out that I decided to spend my lunch break outside. I’ve talked before how the back of my apartment complex is an abandoned golf course (which is all sorts of awesome). So, they have numerous different path options you can take, making your…

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Getting Active

Since graduating from college this past December and moving to Florida, I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by the sudden change of inactivity in my life. West Virginia University has a gorgeous campus. You could (and would) walk anywhere and everywhere in that town. It was also extremely hilly, so without realizing it, you were working different muscles. Now, I need to drive to work, sit at a computer desk for 8.5 hours, drive home, watch some TV and cook dinner, then go to sleep. My activity level did a complete 180 and I can feel the difference immensely not only physically, but mentally as well. To help this, I’m finding ways to adjust my daily behavior to bring constant activity back into my life. I’ll do a separate post later on about how to bring…