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Father’s Day Gift Guide – 10 gifts under $80 (& 9 under $50!)


In this post, you'll find my Father's Day Gift Guide - 10 gifts under $80 (9 of which are below $50)! Father's Day is so special. As I get older, the more I understand setting aside a specific day just to celebrate your parents or who you may claim as 'dad'. It's important to remember that just as we are getting older, so are our parents. This year, I'm able to fly out to California for my younger brother + sister's high school graduation, and am staying through Father's Day weekend! I might be alone here, but I have a much easier time shopping for moms vs dads. It could be just because I'm a girl so I have a better understanding of "girly" gifts, so I figured a Father's Day Gift Guide would…

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10 Gifts to Get Your Newly Engaged Friend

Gifts to Get Your Newly Engaged Friend

dastwet sdjd Wedding season is coming. *disclaimer- I totally wrote that while thinking it in the Game of Thrones voice But in all realness.. wedding season IS upon us... and I couldn't be more excited. I'm 25 years old, so my Facebook timeline right now is filled of engagement announcements with the occasional wedding + the occasional baby. I've figured out that social media is divided into two distinct groups of people: Group A: Who hates these updates and complains at how their timelines are flooded with these huge life events Group B: Who LOVE these updates and itch for more I personally belong to Group B. Yay, love! Yay, babies! Yay, happiness! So when the engagements started happening outside of my older friends and more onto my personal friends, I found myself in…

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide – Under $40!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I have a pretty big love for Amazon Prime. Free 2 day shipping is great all year around, but when considering that Christmas is 8 very short days away, it can be a life savor this time of the year. If you're like me and have procrastinated a few last gifts on your list, read below for my Procrastinator's List for Last Minute Christmas Gifts. :) Homemade 1. Ho Ho Ho-liday Wine Bottles These simple DIY bottles are perfect for your everyday wine lover. A few Christmas's ago, I was right in the middle of finals and needed some last minute crunch gifts. I made them for DJ's sister, as well as my siblings. They're so cute but also great to share! 2. Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar & Peppermint Sugar Body Scrubs You can't…

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Homemade Air Fresheners

There are few things in life I enjoy more than a really great smelling home. My apartment is flooded with candles ranging in every different scent, brand, and wax base. However, the downfall of candles are that: You cannot leave them burning when you leave your house They eventually die out :( Those beautiful little jars can be pretty pricey You can do so much with essential oils (plus the scents last a while!) that I decided to play around with what I already had on hand. Good news guys, these actually turned out! You'll Need: A jar of your choice [I chose a standard mason jar since I always have them on hand] 1/4-1/2 cup of baking soda 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil * 8x8 square of a light weight fabric *I made 2…

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Best Weekend Recipes

Did this week go by extremely slow for anyone else? I am so excited for the weekend! I don’t even have anything special planned.. which I’m actually really happy about for once. I recently joined a gym to see if that helps motivate me (so far, mixed results). They do offer unlimited classes, though, so I’m going to try to make it to spin at 9am Sunday morning. They do it in a black light room! How cool is that? Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed I wake up and go… :) When it comes to weekends, I like to keep my recipes simple and comforting. Below, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite weekend recipes & DIY projects! This weekend I’m working a lot with glitter (I promise an abundance of these…

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Today’s Finds: Colorful Crackled Wine Glasses

I can’t wait to share my weekend update with you all! I’m going to attempt to write that post after this one, but first things first- today’s shopping finds! These cute little glasses are just too cute to not share with you guys. I tend to wine a lot… ;) A few Valentine’s Days ago, Dj gifted me with these stemmed glasses, which I automatically fell in love with. They have the most unique details and the perfect pop of color to make them stay classy while standing out just the right amount. After finding they were from Pier 1 Imports (one of my favorite stores ever), I hopped in my car and found they also sold them in stemless! Of course, I needed the complete set, so I picked up a matching color…

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Pomegranate Cherry Pie Moonshine

I have so much fun playing with different recipes- and yes, that includes drinks! Last night, the coldness of the rest of the U.S. hit North Florida. It was too cold to be outside, and with not being used to the cold weather, I was not in any mood to leave my apartment! When I get in those kinds of moods, I like to turn on Netflix, change into a sweatshirt and yoga pants, and get in the kitchen. I’m really excited about yesterday’s test recipe: Pomegranate Cherry Pie Moonshine. Um, yum! Homemade moonshine is one of my absolute favorite things. It may be because I am a West Virginia girl, but the stuff is amazing. However, it is extremely strong. So, please, keep this out of reach of children and remember that the…

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Top 15 Most Popular Recipes to Ring in 2015!

Happy (almost) New Year! Have you all created your resolution list yet? I’m really trying to focus in on living an all around healthier lifestyle. I would like to hone in on working out more, eating better, and putting my wallet on a diet! We’ll see how long that last one will hold up… ;) 2014 was an amazing year filled of ups and downs. I graduated from college, I moved from West Virginia to Florida, met new friends, and started a new job. There’s been a few rough spots, but overall, 2014 was a great year and I have a feeling that 2015 will be just as great- if not better. To help ring in 2015, I wanted to compile a list of the 15 Most Popular Recipes of 2014. To check out…