Everyday Eats & My Starbucks Order!

Starbucks will always have my heart. In high school, my brother worked as a barista and would always bring me back my favorite coffee order (venti iced chai or grande hot white chocolate mocha)! Since then, my order has changed up a bit after becoming more health conscious. (Not saying I never sneak in a white chocolate mocha or chocolate croissant from time to time..)

My new favorite go-to is a Venti Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk & 6 Pumps Chai.

I can never stray too far from my original love.. 😉

Did you know that the iced coffee has the highest levels of caffeine on their entire menu? (Caffeine = life). PLUS, it only has 2 calories, so it’s a double win in my book!

Did you also know that Starbucks now offers coconut milk as an option? Triple win! (I’ve had this with soy & also regular milk- all are very yummy!)

Try it out and let me know what you think! You may also love my 80 calorie frap order!

From time-to-time, I like to post what I eat throughout the days to give you simple meal ideas. Not every meal I cook takes a lot of time, so it’s nice to have a few simple go-to options.

For Breakfast:

On the weekends, my go-to breakfast is eggs. Since they are packed with protein and I never have time to cook them during the week (unless I’m meal prepping), I make sure to get them in during my off days!

My favorite way to cook eggs is over-medium/sunny side up, without actually ever flipping them. You can do this by fully cooking the egg on the bottom side (about 3 minutes on medium heat), then add a splash of water to your hot pan. Cover immediately, leaving a small slit for the steam to escape. This will cause all the gross runny white part of the top of your egg to cook, while still leaving the yolk nice and runny!

I also like to make sunny side omelets this way! (What’s pictured above). This one has onion, green pepper, turkey sausage, 1 large egg, spinach, and 4 egg whites.


For Lunch:

Sometimes, the most simple ingredients are the tastiest. 🙂

Here is thin turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, and yellow mustard wrapped up in a spinach tortilla! Light & refreshing.


What is your favorite simple meals and your go-to coffee order?

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