Who am I?

Welcome! My name is Melissa and I am the main content provider [or, as I prefer to be called, “head mastermind” 😉 ] & photographer behind Green Palate Life.

GPL is a place where I share with you a mix of tasty recipes (I have an oddly strong obsession with giving typical ‘bad-for-you-to-even-look-at comfort foods’ healthy, lighter spins), tackle DIY projects, broadcast my love of shopping, how I attempt to stay active, and my uncontrolled desire to travel the globe in its entirety.

I was bit by the traveling bug early on and try to take full advantage of exploring new worlds, cultures, and lives beyond my own. I’ve learned that the more I see, the less I know- which I find encompassing. I’ve lived many places [California -> Washington D.C. -> West Virginia -> London -> Florida] and traveled to more [All around the U.S., as far as Alaska to Hawaii -> Canada-> the United Kingdom -> Greece -> Barcelona], and hope to shed some positivity, as well as my adventures with you all!

Growing up, my parents have always stressed the importance of being healthy. I grew up eating healthy varieties of foods, even to the point of preferring sushi over any other food when I was in 2nd grade. Being active along with eating a relatively clean diet had helped me stay thin throughout my life. However, when I graduated from West Virginia University (Let’s go, Mountaineers!), moved down to Florida, and obtained a social media marketing job, suddenly, my body began to drastically change.


I began putting on weight quicker than I ever had, my activity level had plummeted, and snacking habits picked up. When I saw a picture of myself after having a friend visit, I was in shock. I looked at the picture a good 10 times before it fully sunk in that the image was definitely me. I had become so unhappy with my physical appearance that my original bubbly confidence had begun to deteriorate.
However, rather than cutting my personal life out, I decided that something needed to be done. I began to monitor what I was eating, found a great workout buddy, and slowly, I’ve been getting back to my old self. This is my journey.

I think it is important for all everyone to remember that there is no such thing as the “perfect body”. My ideals are going to be different than the next persons, which makes the world such a beautiful place. What is important is to be comfortable inside your own skin- something that I struggle with, but am learning to embrace myself the way I am.


Currently, I’m working on finding the balance between spending time with my friends and family, having my boyfriend be a top priority, having an active social life, working full time, still actively pursue dreams of mine, as well as staying healthy. This blog helps as an outlet of finding that balance in my life- I hope you all take this journey with me!



I love hearing from all of you, please feel free to leave your thoughts in my comments, shoot me an email over at MelissaWithTheGreenPalateLife@gmail.com, or connect with me on my other social media accounts (Instagram! Facebook! Pinterest!) beYOUtiful!





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