My 2015 Summer Bucket List


Even though I’ve graduated from college & have been in the “real world” for a good year and a half, I’m still under the illusion there is such a thing as a Summer Vacation.

Maybe it’s from the 23-ish years that I’d had one, I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m not ready to give up the idea of one. There is something so tranquil, relaxing, and downright FUN about summer time. Maybe what we need to do instead is still find ways to make time to enjoy the things we love- and I’m doing that with a 2015 Summer Bucket List!

As I accomplish my “goals”, I’ll strike them out & include the date. I invite you all to embrace your inner summertime kid & make a list of your own! I’d love to hear what you come up with.


  1. Float down the river at Ginnie Springs
  2. Master the perfect summertime red & white wine sangria
  3. Go to the beach and watch the sunrise. I’ve done this once before with my friend, Kristen- it was so beautiful & peaceful.[side note, that’s where all these pictures in this post came from!] [June 21, 2015] [Instagram]
  4. Go horseback riding on the beach [June 13, 2015]
  5. Buy a bike & use it! Cute little beach cruiser, anyone?
  6. Fully try the 21 Day Fix & blog my reviews about it
  7. Spend a weekend in either Tampa or Miami [July 17-19, 2015] [Instagram]
  8. Go an entire week meat free
  9. Attend a 6am spin class before work (yikes!)
  10. Find a park & pack a picnic for the day
  11. Play volleyball on the beach
  12. Prepare an epic taco / fiesta margarita party for our friends
  13. Run 3 miles without taking a walking break
  14. Try out a yoga & Pilates class at my gym
  15. Pass all my summer grad school courses
  16. Compile a list of my all-time favorite low-cal summer cocktails
  17. Buy a stranger’s meal while eating out (without them knowing)
  18. Make a watermelon keg
  19. Connect with other bloggers near Jacksonville
  20. Try smoked salmon for the first time
  21. Plan my next trip to go and see Sara (already have my Amanda trip planned!)
  22. Go on an impromptu trip with no more than 24 hours’ notice
  23. Perfect homemade hummus [June 29, 2015] [Instagram]
  24. Grow a balcony garden
  25. Roast marshmallows by a fire pit




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