What I’m Currently Watching on Netflix

Like any good Millennial, I have a strong relationship with my Netflix account. Sure, staying in with homemade healthy pizza or having some friends over for skinny 7 layer taco dip and a vodka ginger fizz is awesome, but my favorite way to watch Netflix, past the norm, is when I’m either cooking or baking. Have you guys ever tried meal prepping with Netflix before? The time flies by!

Since there are so many times throughout the day I find myself logging into the Netflix site, I thought I’d share what I’ve finished watching and looooved, I’m currently watching, and what’s queued up next.

I’d love for you to share what shows, documentaries, or movies you’ve ‘Netflixed’ lately below!



1. New Girl

The simple background story of this show is that a woman in her later 20s, after going through a bad breakup, moves in with three single guys. This show is lighthearted and amazingly funny. If I ever need something I don’t need to stay 100% focused on (like when I have PB & J Thumb Print Cookies to be baking) this is the perfect show to put on.

2. Twinsters

I’ve been really into watching documentaries lately. This one has been, hands down, my favorite. It follows two girls, one being a French fashion design student who stumbles upon a familiar face on YouTube: her own. Finding the resemblance uncanny, she sends the video’s American creator a message which creates a whirlwind of craze and adventure to discover if the two of them could actually be twins.

3. My Beautiful Broken Brain

This is another great documentary. It’s extremely eye opening and I learned a lot of the personal effects a stroke can have on a person. Having been an avid communicator, both written and oral, Lotje Sodderland allows cameras to follow her during her journey of learning how to relearn tasks, including speaking, and the troubles one faces when the world they knew is gone in a second.

4. Kids Baking Championship

This might seem a little silly- but it’s so good! These kid bakers are amazing! It’s the perfect lighthearted competition to put on while, I don’t know, baking. 😉

5. Before We Go

This is a movie that is currently queued up on my list. I had it downloaded and ready to go during my Thanksgiving trip out to California, but low and behold, my iPad died. Luckily it’s come to Netflix since then! It’s a story that follows a chance encounter between two strangers in Grand Central Terminal sparks a life-changing, nighttime sojourn through New York City.

6. Switched at Birth

So, to be completely honest, I started this right after watching the documentary, Twinsters. Knowing that this show originated from ABC Family, I was expecting to maybe watch the pilot episode and call it a day. Three weeks and two seasons later, here I am! I love this show. It’s actually inspired me to look into taking sign language classes!

3 questions for you:

  1. What are you currently watching on Netflix?
  2. Are you a fan of documentaries?
  3. Are you more of a baker or a cook?

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