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What I Ate on Wednesday; vol. 1

One question I’m frequently asked is what I eat on a typical day-to-day basis. Sure, recipes are great, but many people want to know the more simple meals I munch on throughout the day.

grocery shopping

One series I began is my Instagram Round Up (catch up on series 1 & series 2!) but I thought if I did a simple “What I Ate on Wednesday” series, that would help to see what I ate from start to finish that day to give you some ideas.


So, lets get to it!


Breakfasts are simple and quick for me! I stick with a few different options (oatmeal, fruit, smoothies, cottage cheese, or eggs)

This past Wednesday, I ate 1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 medium sliced up apple, and drizzled it with some local honey & ground cinnamon. I’ve never really given cottage cheese a chance before this year, but oh wow am I a fan. Add some honey and cinnamon & I’ll eat it right up. This cinnamon apple combo is one of my ultimate favorites.

Cottage Cheese with Fruit

Morning Snack:

Fresh juice! I have my own juicer, but really need to bring it out of my closet & dust it off. I ordered this one during a morning break at at local organic food store, Native Sun.

This is their Go Veggie! juice. It has: carrot, kale, spinach, and beets.

Beets in juice is my favorite! It adds a natural sweetness that I can’t get enough of. Sometimes, I’ll add green apple to this if I want a hint more of natural sweetener.

Fresh Juice


Typically, I don’t like to go too carb heavy before or during lunch. I get really bad mid-day tired waves and found that if I cut down on bread, it basically takes them away.

For lunch on Wednesday, I went with a protein roasted red pepper hummus Flatout wrap filled with honey roasted turkey, romaine lettuce, yellow mustard, and hot sauce. [hot sauce = life]

Flatout Wrap


Mid-Day Drink:

I hardly ever stray from water during the day (except for my one true love of coffee), but sometimes I like to switch it up. I have pretty bad allergies to the outside, and heard that it really helps if you eat a tablespoon or two of local honey each day. Since bees pollinate local flowers, as well as make the local honey, it’s supposed to help build up immunity from pollen allergies. I really think it does work! I’m down to only taking an allergy pill about 3x per week. [Which is fantastic since I was on a prescription steroid for them!]

I purchase the same local honey & when the jar is almost out, I brew some mint or lemon tea directly into the jar. After storing it in the fridge overnight, I sip on the honey tea throughout the day. Talk about tasty!

Honey Tea

Afternoon Snack:

In the afternoons, my sweet tooth makes an appearance.

I’ve tried SO many ways to curb it, but to no avail. To assist with it, I try to trick it into thinking I’m eating something unhealthy, when in actually, I’m not. My latest go-to for sweets cravings are these PB & J Thumbprint Cookies! You can find the recipe for them HERE!

PB&J thumb print cookies


I try to hit the gym after work or do a quick workout at home most weekdays. When I do make it to the gym, I try to keep stick to something low hassle for dinner.

I chose leftover Skinny Classic Chili this week & loved it even more that the flavors were able to sit for a few days! I also paired it with a whole wheat English muffin. I posted this recipe earlier in the week & you can find it HERE!

Skinny Chili

Late Night Snack:

Oh, hello, Sweet Tooth, we meet again. 😉

Seriously, does anyone have any tips on how to kill theirs? Mine is too strong for me!

Chobani makes these Key Lime Greek yogurt flips and *oh*my*gosh* (!!!) I’m addicted. They’re the perfect end of the day sweet snack to both give you a touch of dessert while still giving you protein & staying relatively healthy.

Work day snacks


If you guys are interested in more of these types of posts, let me know! I’d also be very interested to know what you eat throughout your day. 🙂





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