Weekend Update/ Typical Breakfast!


Happy weekend!

Dj’s the cutest! While away in working in California this past week, he had my favorite flowers sent to me. 🙂 So grateful for such a caring, sweet guy in my life!

I was nervous that these 10 days that he is gone would be spent bored and making myself crazy. I know a lot of people cherish being alone, but I hate it. Luckily, I have made some great friends down here who I’ve spent all week with! Thank goodness for them!

Yesterday, my friend Linsey and I went to Georgia to see her family. Her brother lives on the water and it was 90 degrees, so it was a really beautiful day.


I love this stuff! Angry Orchard has an elderflower flavor that is my absolute favorite. Perfect for these hot days!


We went kayaking and that’s when I ran into a bit of trouble!

The current was extremely strong, my kayak was sucked under a dock, flipping me under. As you can see, the water was extremely dark, so I couldn’t see anything. The current was so strong, that it drug me all the way under, and my life vest brought me to the top. I had to use my arm to direct my body out, and shield my face (there were a lot of sharp barnacles!) Luckily, the life vest protected my back and chest but my arms and hands are quite cut up. It could have been so much worse.


Just a little insight to what my body looks like- ouch!

Other than that, Georgia was a lot of fun! And it sure did have wonderful BBQ and a gorgeous sunset.


Today, I’m relaxing and watching Game of Thrones. Dj’s sister is coming on Friday, so I need to deep clean our apartment at some point today!

For breakfast, I scrambled up two eggs (topped with hot sauce, of course), ½ cup of quick oats with some non-fat milk & ground cinnamon, fresh pineapple, and gingerbread flavored black coffee.


What’s your go-to breakfast??

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