Swimming in the Sea at Sunrise; Jacksonville, FL

JAX Beach

This weekend was one for the books, to say the least.

I was lucky enough to spend a few seasons throughout the past 4 years living abroad in London and have made some pretty awesome friends along the way.

This past weekend, 2 of my friends came down and we reunited on the American soil of Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville Florida Beach

Jonny, David, and I at JAX Beach

Jonny, the one on the left, flew all the way across the pond and brought his sister, Jenny, and friend, Ben.

Saturday afternoon, I made a huge brunch for all our friends while we sipped on mimosas and awaited Jonny’s arrival. [Is anything better than brunch, btw?] Once the Brit’s had arrived, we piled into an Uber and headed down to JAX Beach.

Jacksonville Beach is actually pretty nice for a tourist spot. The sand isn’t rocky and the people are really friendly. Everyone’s willing to include you in a pickup game of beach volleyball!

After spending the day at the beach, grabbing some dinner, returning to the beach bars for some late night dancing, we then hit the pool and the next thing we knew it was 5am. I haven’t stayed up all night since college, but with these guys in town, I knew I was in for a nonstop weekend!

Once realizing the sun rises at 6:24 am, we jumped in our 8th Uber of the weekend and headed back to the beach to catch the beauty of the world waking up in person.

Guys. It was so beautiful.


The entire beach was empty [all those crazy normal people sleeping Sunday mornings at 5:50 😉 ] so we had the entire place to ourselves! We were in the water as the sun started peaking over the horizon. It was breathtaking!

Also, remember that 2015 Summer Bucket List I had? Well, cross #3 off the list 🙂

Jacksonville Florida Beach

According to my Instagram followers, this is prime time for shark feedings- eek!

Jacksonville Florida Beach

Jenny and I before the sun fully rose

Jacksonville Florida Beach

Have you ever been to the beach at sunrise? This was my 2nd time, but it was just as stunning as the first!


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