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Cute & Casual Summertime Work Day Look

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Southern summers are HARD to get used to. This is my 2nd summer as a resident of Florida, and I am melting!

Having a full time job during the summer months provides a difficult task for me each day: what in the world do I wear? When it’s 103 degrees outside, and the office is kept cool, your outfit choices can get a bit confusing.

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I’ve found what works best for me in my casual professional space during the sweltering months; skirts! They’re so easy to play up or down, add a cardigan while indoors and easily remove once you leave.

These simple flats paired great and simple statement necklace added a pop of sparkle without being overly flashy.

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Chiffon fabric tops are a fashion staple of mine. They’re light, able to feel a breeze, while also maintaining that simplistic chic look without actually trying.

While I was indoors, I paired this outfit with a colorful cardigan, but dropped that quicker than I dropped organic chem once I saw the sun shine on my way out the door. 😉

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    Cute and professional. Love it!

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      Thanks, love! xo

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