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Refreshing My Mind; Amelia Island [pt. 2]

Another awesome thing about Amelia Island is that you’re able to drive your car & ride horses right on the beach! Our horses loved one another & walked through the ocean; it was an amazing experience.

{If you missed my part 1 Amelia Island recap, you can read it here!}

Oh, and guess what? Riding horses on the beach now knocks off my first 2015 Summer Bucket List challenge!

After grabbing lunch, we headed down to the beach to meet up with Happy Trails, a company that runs this program. They have different hour time slots you can sign up for and trot on down the sand. Nicky, our tour guide, was so nice. She ensured that everyone felt comfortable (we had a small group of 4 people), and allowed us to go as slow or as fast with the horses as we wanted.

IMG_3320 IMG_3322

Florida’s oldest bar, Palace Saloon, is located right downtown. It was even around before prohibition!

They had live music, pool tables, and the place was huge! The bartender was nice. It was unbelievably hot so the air conditioning, water, and Stella cider were extremely refreshing!

After freshening up, we went to my favorite place we landed at all weekend, The Salty Pelican.

TSP had an hour wait, but it was well worth it. The bar & grill is located right across from the ocean with the entire restaurant opened up towards the water. Since we arrived around 7:30 pm, we were able to grab a few drinks at the bar, take them to the front of the restaurant and have a breathtaking view of the sunset!

They had live music, but not one of those bands where it is all you can hear. Rather, it was relaxing music (they played songs like “Blackbird”) where you could enjoy conversation and the natural breeze from the water.

Their food is really great too! I’m not the biggest fan of seafood, but I do love shrimp and crab! Dj on the other hand is a seafood fean. He just cannot get enough!

To start, we split their crab dip with crunchy french bread. You know how dips are typically 90% cream cheese? This was the complete opposite! It was mostly crab with just a hint of cream. It was seasoned perfectly & topped with toasted breadcrumbs. (To be completely honest, I ate a lot of it without the bread; it was THAT good!)

For my entree, I ordered the shrimp tacos. Dj ordered mahi-mahi topped with crusted crab. Both were awesome and we have no complaints.

Their shrimp tacos were grilled fresh caught shrimp, cabbage, tomatoes, and a spicy garlic sauce. It was very light and perfect for the warm outside weather.

Any other hockey fans out there? While I love the Caps, I enjoy watching any team- especially once it hits the finals! We sat back, relaxed, talked, had a few drinks, and watched the Blackhawks beat the Lightening with this view! You can’t beat that!

Have you traveled anywhere that you think I’d enjoy? I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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