My Top 10 Fashion Icons & Their Instas!


When it comes to my personal style, I’m all over the place. There are days where I will spend 45 minutes on my makeup & hair alone, and there are others where I’ll hop out of the shower and rock the au natural look. 😉

One thing that I really do love is following style icons on Instagram. It’s so fun seeing a glimpse into their personal lives, seeing what looks they’re pulling off, and if I’m feeling risky, I’ll try and pull of similar looks!

These ‘grammers range from the Hollywood Lights to fellow bloggers. I’d love for you to share with me some of your favorite style icons! 🙂

1. Blake Lively

It only seemed fitting that my #1 girl crush in life would come first. I’ve loved Blake since she rocked those shared sisterhood bell bottom jeans! Since then, she’s married the beautiful Ryan Reynolds, and they have a gorgeous baby (who I’m already jealous of). She made me embrace the white-on-white looks with the vibrant pops of color.

Blake Lively

2. Lauren Conrad

Any other The Hills // Laguna Beach lovers out there? Lauren captivated my interest back in high school and her style has matured right along with my personal look. She now has a popular clothing line & website that I follow religiously!

Lauren Conrad

3. Chelsea Houska

I’ll admit it, I watch reality TV and think most of it is real. 😉 Chelsea is a rockstar mom on Teen Mom 2 with an awesome style. She’s a hairstylist and has that look where she makes comfy look chic. I love to see how she dresses up everyday clothes (plus, I’m so jealous of  how well she can pull off the red hair).


4. Kristin Cavallari

Jumping right back on that Laguna Beach // The Hills love train, Kristin has a look where she does the opposite of Chelsea and downplays chic clothes to make them look more everyday. Her Instagram is packed full healthy recipes, as well! A win-win in my book.

Kristen Cav

5. Anna Kendrick

If we’re being fully honest here, is there anyone who does not love Anna? Not only is she ab-working hilarious, but a stunning fashionista, as well. Can we be best friends now, please?

Anna Kenderick

6. Katlyn Maupin

Katlyn is a fellow blogger, but she focuses 100% on fashion. What I love the most about her look is that she finds super cute clothes at amazing prices! Seriously, I bought a top, watch, and scarf all that she wore for under $30 total.


7. Ashely Olsen

While I’ve been in love with both the Olsen sisters as long as I can remember, I’ve began to migrate towards Ashley’s fashion sense throughout recent years. Who would have thought leather pants would be making a comeback and look that good?

Ashley Olsen

8. Rihanna

Rihanna is a style icon of mine that I more admire from my phone than a look I can pull off personally. She has such a risky look while still maintaining an ora of respect. This girl can rock anything she puts on & has the attitude to match.


9. Britnee Blevins

Britnee is a lover of fashion and sticks mainly to her Instagram. She is constantly posting adorable looks with the links of where to find them! She also has the most adorable daughter that sprinkles adorable cuteness in her pictures, as well.


10. Shay Mitchell

I had a hard time choosing between Blake & Shay. They are both such inspirations to me, so positive in their outlooks on life, as well as powerful women figures. Since I couldn’t decide, I figured I’d start with my favorite, as well as end with my favorite! Shay spends most of her life rocking beautiful looks on set of Pretty Little Liars and the other part sharing her life with us through her popular YouTube channel. She’s an awesome person to gain some inspiration from!


Who are some of your style icons?


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