Healthy Snacking Throughout Your Day- the tasty way!


Throughout the day, I’ve found myself snacking more. Most week days, due to my job, I hardly leave my desk for 9 hours. (I, of course, know this is not good for you- but it’s hard to leave when you have so much to get done!) I think that I’ve begun to snack more simply to keep my energy peaked throughout the day.

To keep my energy up, switching up your snacks, and keeping them healthy, really help!

I’m a really big lover of hummus. It’s amazing- both taste & health wise. It can get boring, just eating it plain day after day, so to aid with this, I’ve begun to top it with different ingredients to keep it interesting. This combo is amazing- be creative!

What I used:

  • Pita
  • Original hummus
  • Cucumber
  • Red onion
  • Tomato
  • Thinly sliced black olives


What do you snack on to get you through your day?


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