Snow Day Survival Guide

When it comes to snow days, I’m a self-proclaimed pro. Living in the mountains of West Virginia for almost 6 years taught me a thing or two about how to battle snow and wind so cold you can feel it in your bones.


West Virginia University during the beginning of snow storm, Sandy

*hint: it’s all about staying inside. 😉

When I was in college, I was all about the snow. I would go snowboarding with my friend, Katie, after chemistry class every Thursday night, we would walk across the dead roads to Eat n’ Park for some late night grilled stickies (like a cinnamon roll, but with honey- omg), stay in all day drinking adult beverages while I dominated in Mario Kart & Mario Party… once we even thought up the brilliant idea to fill a baby pool in our kitchen with hot water for a homemade “hot tub”. That idea was shut down all too quickly for my liking.


Danielle, Katie, and myself

I realize that once you get older and have real responsibilities (getting to work, having to shovel yourself out of the depths of storms, have enough common sense to realize building your own hot tub inside of a home is probably not the best idea), snow storms can have you feeling pent up, bored, and wishing for the times when you weren’t buried in this white icy substance.

SO, to help you prepare for the next hit of snow that we all know is coming our way, I’ve compiled a list of the things I love to do during an *~adult*~ snow day.

1. Take the best bath of your life. When you’ve finished trying to shovel your way out of your house, your entire body will tend to feel like a frozen block. I highly recommend turning down the lights, lighting some candles, putting on your favorite playlist, and treat yourself.

Here’s what I use to fall into a deep relaxation:

Heat up the tub, add a handful of salts, pour in a few drops of essential oils, light your de-stressing candle, and give yourself an hour.

After you get out, make sure to deeply lather with a great, nourishing organic body lotion.

2. Bake & create lots of delicious foods. When it feels like Antarctica outside, baking and cooking up some classic comfort foods can turn it all around.

Here are some of my favorite go-to’s:






3. Get your friends / family together for drinks & games! Nothing is better than a good game day. We’ll bring out some of my jarred moonshine or a few bottles of wine and play our favorites.

My top 3 favorite games:

Phase 10



I’m going to warn you on Parcheesi… if you’re one to get upset easily over games, this is not the game for you. Dj had me locked in for at least 30 minutes, and I contemplated flipping the game board on him. 😉

3 questions for you!

  1. What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day?
  2. Did you have any “snow day rituals” when you were younger? We used to flush ice cubes and wear our pajamas inside out- haha
  3. What’s your all-time favorite comfort food?


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