Cinnamon Apple Pie Moonshine


‘Tis the season to turn my apartment into a DIY Santa’s Workshop!

I love this time of year, and am obsessed with making my own gifts. I have a very large family so I need to start planning my holiday gifts early. While some people don’t agree with playing Christmas music, baking holiday treats, and gift prepping before Thanksgiving, I am not one of those people. 🙂 Right after I change out of my Halloween costume, I am turning on my Christmas iTunes playlist.

Coming from a large family has taught me to think of gifts early, and in this case, I am very glad I did.

Homemade moonshine is one of my favorite things. It may be because I am a West Virginia girl, but the stuff is amazing. However, it is extremely strong. So, please, keep this out of reach of children and remember that the serving size is one shot glass! 

Moonshine is a drink staple up North, so I have brought the recipe along with me to the South. This recipe is 100% legal, as long as you don’t gift it to minors. (Don’t do that!)

Also, moonshine is best if it sits for at least 30 days after it is made. So, if you are thinking of joining in on my #DIYChristmas, you’ll want to plan ahead and make this gift asap.

You Need:

-1 gallon apple cider

-1 liter Everclear

-3 large (or 6 small) cinnamon sticks

-8-12 pint sized Mason gars, ribbon, hot glue, and other decorative ideas!


I make mine using a crockpot, but if you don’t have one, you can do it on the stove.

Combine apple cider & cinnamon sticks in your crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours. If you are using a stove, place in a simmer (medium low) for an hour).


Keep your crockpot covered!  If you don’t, the steam will evaporate a lot of the liquid.

Once the 8 hours have passed, allow liquid to fully cool & then take out the cinnamon sticks. Mine broke apart, which is fine!

While the apple cider is cooling, I prepped my jars. I simply used a hot glue gun and created a bow with ribbon around each Mason jar. I also wrote “Apple Pie Moonshine” on the lids.



Once the liquid has cooled, add 1 liter of Everclear. (This is about 4 ¼ cups)

I used a measuring cup to transfer the liquid into the jars.

Store is a dark place for about 30 days! The longer you store the moonshine, the better. The reason being is because the Everclear will begin to absorb the flavor of the apple cider.





Each jar of Apple Pie Moonshine ends up costing about $4.50! 

You may also enjoy my: Pomegranate Cherry Pie Moonshine! 


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