Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken [in the crock pot!]

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken

This week, I dusted off my crock pot. It’s a “chilly” 70 degrees in Florida, and finally feeling like fall. Autumn to me means a few things:

Sunday morning, I woke up early with an unusual amount of energy. I went on a 20 minute run, cleaned my apartment, did all the [masses] of dishes, and even prepped lunches & dinners for the work week.

Crock pots are magical for this very reason. I love when I can throw a meal together and just forget about it.

I’ve created a similar shredded taco chicken in the past, but this has a more citrus-y kick to it! The chicken is amazing paired with some brown or wild rice and veggies. [I used broccoli, corn, & carrots!]

Here’s what you need:

That’s it! *happy dance for low-hassle recipes with minimal ingredients*

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken

The steps of this recipe is just as simple as the ingredient list. 🙂

Simply layer the chicken on the bottom of your crock pot, pour the 2 jars of salsa over them, mix it all up to coat evenly, then cook on low for about 6-8 hours or high for 4-6! I cooked mine on low for 7 hours and it was perfect.

Once your chicken is done cooking, take two forks to shred it- it will just fall apart! Don’t worry about the extra salsa, either. Once the chicken is pulled, it absorbs it to avoid the typical dry consistency that comes with slow cooked chicken.

[Side note- have you ever used these crock pot liners?! I’m obsessed. Cleaning your crock pot is no longer a hassle. 🙂 ]

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken


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