Zesty Fiesta Soup


This recipe is amazing for your taste buds, but also extremely time and budget friendly! My roommate makes a “taco soup”, which I took inspiration from, and packed it full of protein, fiber, and fresh veggies. I can’t express enough how easy and amazing this recipe is. Ah-May-Zing.

I am a full time college student and work about 20 hours a week, so during the week it is nice to have a go to pre-made meal that is also good for me that I can just heat up quickly.

I chose to cook mine in the crockpot while I relaxed at home and watched football all day. I have made it before in a big pot on the stove, and either work just fine. If you have the time, I would suggest slow cooking it to better blend the flavors.


This recipe is extremely flexible. Cater the taste to what YOU like! For canned ingredients, I add:

– 2 cans black beans

– 2 cans dark red kidney beans

– 2 cans corn

– 1 can hot chili beans

– 1 can mild Rotel

– 1 can hot Rotel

You also need:

– 1-1 ½ pound package of ground turkey or chicken breast

– 2 packages low-sodium taco seasoning

– 1 package dry ranch dressing mix

– any fresh veggies you want!

I used:

– 1 medium white onion

– ½ large zuchini

– 2 medium jalapeños (I took out the seeds)

– 1 small yellow squash

I love all things spicy. I’m pretty sure my dad fed me jalapeños the moment I was able to eat solid foods 🙂 . My boyfriend, however, does not like anything spicy. Because of this, I make the soup in between to fit both of our taste buds!


First, drain and rinse the cans of black beans and add them to the crockpot. Do not drain the kidney beans or chili beans- instead, add the liquid as part of the soup base.

Add the cans of corn and Rotel, as well as both of their juices, to the pot.

Turn the crockpot on low as you are adding these ingredients.

Next, cook a package of ground chicken or turkey. You can use beef if you’d like, but the soup will be better for you if you choose turkey or chicken. For this pot, I used chicken. Once the chicken is cooked, add a low sodium taco seasoning to it.


Save the other package of taco seasoning and ranch seasoning for later!

Add the cooked, seasoned meat to the pot.

Start chopping away at your veggies!


Add the veggies as you go. 🙂


Add 3 cups of water.

Stir it all up and cook on high for 3-4 hours, or low for 6-8!

In the last hour, add the remaining 2 packages of seasoning to the pot. This way, the seasoning is more noticeable.

This soup fantastic by itself, on top of spaghetti squash, or served with some crushed up whole grain tortilla chips. Be creative!

Now it’s time to curl up on the couch and enjoy this crisp fall weather with a bowl of Zesty Fiesta Soup. 🙂


I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Let me know you like to pair your soup with! 🙂


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