Link Love; ser. 2

Link Love


Do you have any weekend plans? We’re heading out to St. Augustine tonight & are brunching and going to a beach block party tomorrow!

If you missed my last link love, you can find that HERE! As I mentioned there, each Friday, you can expect a post on links of any sort that are my “Obsessions of the Week”. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

  1. Heidi Priebe compiled a list of what each personal’s own personal hell would look like depending on their Myers-Briggs personality type. Being an ESFJ, I can validate that my given scenario would definitely psychologically kill me!
  2. Not only does this professor encourage mothers with young kids to bring them along with them instead of missing a class, but what he did when one mom got up to leave after her baby started crying will make you question why all professors don’t have the same mindset on education as he does.
  3. Would you want a “shedquarters” in your backyard for a home office? These layouts have me lusting after one!
  4. This compilation of celebrities gushing about their loved ones will seriously make your heart happy.
  5. People across the nation are lending a helping hand to this starving veteran who is undergoing cancer treatment & called 911 for help. You go, Humanity!
  6. If you haven’t checked it out yet, my new About Me section is up! Let’s be friends 🙂

What links are you obsessing on this week?


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    GPL r00ls

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    […] you’re new to Friday Link Love, you can find my first series here and my second one here! Basically, each Friday, you can expect a post on links of any sort that are my “Obsessions of […]

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