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A Night Out in Charlotte, North Carolina


Hola, mis amores!  Last week, Dj and I traveled down to Cancun, Mexico to meet up with my best friend, Sara (remember her from our adventures exploring North Florida?), and her fiance, Waugh. None of had ever been to Cancun before, but Sara + Waugh bought this ridiculous vacation package while in Cozumel a few years ago. Wanting to take advantage of another trip before the package ended, we talked about doing a couples trip... aka Baecation (don't hate me, hehe.) So, on a whim, we looked online, found a 5 day block that worked for the 4 of our work schedules and booked the trip all within 48 hours. I'm a huge advocator for traveling as much as possible (I lived in London for a bit, travel out to California pretty frequently, and…

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What I’m Currently Watching on Netflix


Like any good Millennial, I have a strong relationship with my Netflix account. Sure, staying in with homemade healthy pizza or having some friends over for skinny 7 layer taco dip and a vodka ginger fizz is awesome, but my favorite way to watch Netflix, past the norm, is when I'm either cooking or baking. Have you guys ever tried meal prepping with Netflix before? The time flies by! Since there are so many times throughout the day I find myself logging into the Netflix site, I thought I'd share what I've finished watching and looooved, I'm currently watching, and what's queued up next. I'd love for you to share what shows, documentaries, or movies you've 'Netflixed' lately below!   1. New Girl The simple background story of this show is that a woman…

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What’s on My Nightstand; vol. 3


When it comes to my nighttime routine, I'm trying my best to incorporate reading back into my schedule. Everyone has a goal list; mine covers an array of physical bucket list items, to smaller goals that focus on personal growth. For me, when I set aside time to read, I feel much more relaxed throughout the days. I'm not sure why exactly, but I've always found reading to be relaxing, enriching, and something that connects me to new thoughts I hadn't had beforehand. I like to put myself in the story as the character, ditch my everyday life for a little while, and focus on a life of another; either fictional or real. Reading, unfortunately, is one of those enjoyable activities of mine that seem to be the first to be forgotten about. I'll…

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Snow Day Survival Guide


When it comes to snow days, I’m a self-proclaimed pro. Living in the mountains of West Virginia for almost 6 years taught me a thing or two about how to battle snow and wind so cold you can feel it in your bones. West Virginia University during the beginning of snow storm, Sandy *hint: it’s all about staying inside. ;) When I was in college, I was all about the snow. I would go snowboarding with my friend, Katie, after chemistry class every Thursday night, we would walk across the dead roads to Eat n' Park for some late night grilled stickies (like a cinnamon roll, but with honey- omg), stay in all day drinking adult beverages while I dominated in Mario Kart & Mario Party... once we even thought up the brilliant idea…

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10 Things I’ve Learned Since Turning 25


So, last week I turned 25 years old. A quarter of a century... 25 years... insanity. Apparently, when you turn 25 years old, people start considering you a "grown up" and "able to make her own decisions in life", including daunting tasks, such as making dentist appointments. Side note: I have still yet to do this... sorry, mom. Even though I don't feel as though I'm old enough to actually make my own health decisions and keep myself alive, I thought I'd share some insights I've had since coming to the realization that I'm officially a quarter. (century, that is) 10 Things I've Learned Since Turning 25 1. It's okay to not to be settled into a relationship by now. My single friends (hiii, guys!) are divided into 2 distinct groups: those who are…

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Thanksgiving 2015 Recap

Orange County California

When I was younger, Thanksgiving was my least favorite holiday. I wasn't that much of a fan of turkey, I wasn't big on sitting at a table for hours, and I definitely wasn't favoring holidays that didn't include presents. ;) Since then, my preferences have changed. I am now a huge fan of Thanksgiving- especially since I live so far away from my family & it allows me to travel to visit them at least this time of the year. This past Thanksgiving, I saved up enough time from work to fly out to California and visit my family. :) Love my family! We had a few wine nights... Candid shots are the best! Sisters are great. I love my brothers too, of course, but this break we only had the girls. We decided…

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Florida Georgia Game & Halloween Weekend

Halloween Costume Ideas

Justin, Dj, myself, Brian, and Mel Halloween is probably the holiday that most makes me miss the innocence of being a kid. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and those family based holidays you never outgrow, but Halloween is one of those that you can actually be considered "too grown up for". [I don't think I'll ever be one of those people though!] I so vividly remember being 7 years old, dressed as a witch and comparing our candy hauls on the living room floor. Bargaining away my Butterfingers and Milk Duds for Reeses and Almond Joys. I have not yet hit the stage of too old to go out and enjoy myself on this festive holiday, but seeing all the cute trick-or-treaters just gives me all those nostalgic feels. Every year on Halloween, Florida plays Georgia in…

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3 Books To Read This October

7 Blogs I Read Every Day

What is it about fall that's just so cozy? I'm loving the cooling weather, the pumpkin scented candles & baked goods, and of course, overly fuzzy blankets. Another thing that comes with fall is my reading list jumps up. Since I'm no longer hitting the beach or going out as many nights as I do in the summertime, I try to give my brain more of a break from tv & flip open a book. For the month of October, I'm focusing on more serious reads. In the summer, I'm all about the lighthearted books I can relax with by the ocean, but in the fall/winter when I'm cozied up at home, I like books that make me think on a deeper level. 1. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Somehow, I have yet to…