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Post Workout Salads & Philly!

Happy Monday! I’m currently people watching in the Philadelphia International Airport waiting to board my flight to California! Airports and traveling are something that I’m used to, so flying doesn’t bother me. However, the sweet lady sitting next to me has so much perfume on that it’s hard to breathe, so if that is my biggest issue at the moment, I guess I’m good! This week I went to visit DJ’s family in Philadelphia with him. West Virginia has a 10 day Thanksgiving break so I was able to split it up between time with his family as well as my own! Yesterday we went into the city to see the sites. I hadn’t seen them before, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how pretty the area around the historical sites really are!…

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Weekend Festivities & Holiday Energy Bars!

This weekend the weather was beautiful! It’s been super cold and snowy in West Virginia, so on weekends like these, I embrace the outdoors. Pictured above is an overlook called Coopers Rock. My roommate, Sara, and I walked up there as the sun was starting to set on Thursday. Usually, we hike down through the mountain, but since we arrived as the sun was setting, we just sat and talked and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Friday and Saturday were just as beautiful! Saturday we went to the driving range. DJ is a golf lover, and while I tried (but miserably failed) at the driving range, I bought a cup of coffee and enjoyed the fresh air while watching DJ in his element. :) We had the entire range to ourselves! We…

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Weekend in the Woods & Chicken Butternut Squash Soup

This week was hectic but oh so much fun! My friends and I are all about to graduate from WVU next month (cue tears), so we decided to rent a cabin at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland and have a weekend in the woods! I really cannot call it a “cabin” though- it was more of a mansion.. 3 stories, a pool table, hot tub, plasma flat screen.. we really roughed it! ;) It ended up being a great getaway and the weather was so nice! You really can’t beat the scenery, it’s beautiful at this time of year. Ignore my roommate Sara’s awful hat… ;) My only complaint is that we couldn’t stay longer! Now let’s get on to the best creation using fall flavors I made before our trip! I don’t know…