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I love reading. Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls? Well, I turn into a little “green eyed monster” when thinking of Rory’s book collection. I love exploring old book stores, reading Amazon and Barnes and Noble reviews… I even enjoy the smell of books. Is that weird? Tell me I’m not alone here!

Throughout college, being an English major with a concentration in Business Professional Writing & Editing, it’s safe to assume that I read. A lot. A lot, a lot. To the point that I physically could not read out of pleasure, because I simply did not have the time.

I have recently talked with you guys about the downfalls of graduating from college, but this is actually the opposite. Since graduating, I have found the time to read (actual, MY OWN chosen books) again! This, to the average human, may not seem like a big deal, but I am very excited about it, so you should pretend to be excited with me. 😉

I have set a goal for myself to read at least 1-2 books per month. Ideally, I would love to read one a week, however, having this little thing called a “full-time job” and still wanting to have time to spend with friends, I think that 1-2 per month is a reasonable goal. I’m also considering writing about the books that I finish and letting you all know my input! If you don’t like reading, no worries, these posts will not be very frequent.

Last night I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’m sure that you all have heard the rave reviews since it has just recently become a huge movie starring Ben Afflick. However, I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie, so I lived under a rock these past few weeks, and heard nothing of the story. Isn’t it amazing when that happens and you never run into a spoiler? (No, I am not about to spoil any of this book/movie for you)

I have never experienced so many mixed feelings for, not only one, but multiple characters in the same story. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I went from hating, to loving, to pity, to disgust, back to loving, with at least 4 different characters.

Flynn has a talent for creating twists that you cannot begin to foresee. I sat in my bed, countless nights, promising myself “just one more chapter”, and behold, 7 chapters later, it is now 3 am and I need to wake up in 4 hours. It was worth it, definitely worth it.

It’s ironic and funny to me that Flynn reminds me in a way of one of the main characters in the story, Amy. (Amy is the wife who has gone missing for anyone who has not yet seen/read the story.) Amy is so witty, smart, and constantly has you on your toes. Flynn’s writing style is remarkably parallel to those personality traits. I honestly am jealous of how her mind works, (that same ‘little green eyed monster’ for Rory’s book collection). You don’t find this talent commonly, and as an avid reader, I do not say this lightly.

All in all, read the book. 100% read the book. It is a thriller in the way that it thrills your mind. It makes you think, makes you question, and keeps you wondering. I love those kinds of books, the ones that even when you close the pages, they still are left lingering in your mind for days, weeks, years following. I will definitely be reading more from the very talented, Gillian Flynn.

Just a side note, I’m planning on going to see the movie this coming weekend. I’d love to hear your opinions, on the book or movie! Privately message me if you are going to comment any spoilers, please!

Also, I love, love, love suggestions! I am always looking for new books to add to my vast collections of “must reads”, so if you have any favorites, send them my way!

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