Miller’s Ale House


This weekend was so fun, I told Monday it could wait, but apparently it didn’t listen to me. 🙂

Friday, Dj, Tyler, and I went to the Navy Air Show at the Naval base down here. Dj and Tyler work there, so we were able to go during the day on Friday for a “family & friends” day, which was great because there weren’t that many people there. But more on this in a post to follow later!


We’re all pretty obsessed at the moment with Miller’s Ale House. The restaurant/bar is about 5 minutes from our apartment, so it’s easy and convenient. They also have great drink specials and a menu packed with variety.

They have locations all over. They are mostly located in Florida, but they have a few other establishments sprinkled across the US. They have a great atmosphere filled of TVs, high tops, outside and inside seating and bars. You can go for a casual lunch or dinner, or just for sports & drinks. We have yet to be disappointed.



I chose the cob salad. I ordered it without bacon (because I am in the minority and actually hate bacon- gasp!) and with cucumbers (but they forgot about those). That’s okay, though, this salad was packed with so much that it really didn’t need the added crunch.

I also have a love for restaurant ranch. It’s bad, I’m aware, but I get it on the side, and I’m more about moderation rather than limiting.

This salad had:

-Lettuce blend (spring mix & iceberg)

-Grilled chicken

-Blackened shrimp

-Blue cheese crumbles

-Red onion

-Cheddar cheese


-Hard boiled egg

This salad was huge and amazing. I also loved how easy this would be to recreate at home.


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