Vanilla, Fresh Pineapple, Honey Yogurt Bowls


Last night one of Dj and my friends asked me if I wanted to join him for dinner at Crazy Sushi (my favorite sushi restaurant in Jacksonville). I couldn’t even think of declining!

They have this amazing deal where if your final total comes up to $30 or more, if you check in with the app FourSquare, you’ll automatically get $6 off your bill! Dj and I typically will get an extra sushi roll or appetizer just to then have left overs to take advantage of this deal. Since learning about that, it’s been brought to my attention that many restaurants provide these types of deals once you check-in on the app. Something to definitely keep in mind!

So, for day three of my #dinnerforone segment, I feel as though I should relabel this day #afterdinnersnackingforone.. or something along those lines. 😉

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a bunch of fresh pineapple at the moment. I hate hate hate wasting food, so I’ve been trying to incorporate it into different meals and snacks to use it up!

I have a huge sweet tooth. The issue that I run into is finding ways to curb these cravings in healthy ways, while simultaneously tricking my body into thinking I’ve given into my need-chocolate-right-now mindset!

This is what I came up with the other night.

Here’s what’s in that bowl of heavenly goodness: 

*½ cup low-fat peach yogurt *½ cup low-fat vanilla yogurt *Unsalted, raw almonds *Raw honey *1 cup fresh pineapple *2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon *Frozen dark chocolate chips*

I just layer it like a parfait and call it a day! I snacked on this while watching my newest obsession, Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I’m wayyyyyy late on this. However, I have made it all the way to Season 3 Episode 3 in 2 weeks! If that isn’t being productive, I don’t know what is! 😉

Here are some of my other favorite healthy sweets! (Just click on the name to bring you to the specific recipe):

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Have a great week, everyone! Xo

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