Strawberry Honey Greek Yogurt Pops!


I have the biggggggest sweet tooth.

After meals, or random times throughout the day, I get a craving for something sweet and usually cannot crush it!

These little greek yogurt pops are the perfect solution. They are the perfect size for something quick to snack on- and they remind me of ice cream. 🙂

All you need:

*Your favorite flavor of low-fat greek yogurt (I chose Honey)* Your favorite fresh fruit (I chose strawberries)*

First, add 2 tablespoons of your choice of greek yogurt into all the slots in an ice cube tray.

Cut strawberries in ¼. Place a toothpick in the strawberry and stick down into the yogurt.

Freeze and enjoy!

Make as many as you want for a quick and easy treat. 🙂

Per Yogurt Pop: 23 Calories

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