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Roasted Veggie Low-Carb Pizza ; 21 Day Fix Approved


I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately! I've been in the process of revamping my blog & had some personal changes happen lately in my life that my blog has taken a backseat. I'll be sure to do a recap post soon and fill you all in about what I've been up to lately (because a whole lot has changed since my last recap post!) One aspect I've been trying to focus more on in my life is my health again. I recently stepped up my involvement with Beach Body and became a coach! Remember when I did the 21 Day Fix? I fell back in love with it / the lifestyle, so I've been following that program again, just with my own modifications to fit my life more. Feel free to comment below…

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Bruschetta Quesadilla – [Trader Joe’s ingredients]

Balsamic Brushetta Quesadilla

Bruschetta is a favorite, easy, go-to of mine. If I'm ever needing a quick snack, an easy dinner, or just am craving something saucy [literally every day..] then brushetta is many times on the menu. A Trader Joe's recently came to Jacksonville [thank you, Goddddd!] and I have been hooked ever since. My parents used to grocery shop at Trader Joe's when I was growing up, so I've been a fan pretty much forever. When I was in college, WVU didn't have a Traders, so I was jumping for joy when one came to Florida shortly after we moved here. There are many ways to utilize bruchetta, my favorites include: On a toasted baguette Baked with chicken Baked with veggies On crackers As you may know, Dj and I have been moving for the…

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Easy Winter Vegan Soup

Vegan Winter Soup

Occasionally, without intention, I'll whip up something random for dinner and it turns out amazing. This just causes one little problem for me (fellow bloggers, I'm sure you'll feel my pain), but since the recipe wasn't planned, I don't take pictures of the process- oops! With today's post, the outcome picture will just have to do. ;) I've been trying to follow a vegetarian diet for about 2 months now. For those reasons, I intentionally made this quick dish vegetarian, accidentally vegan, and it's also oil free! If you're like me and love quick dinners you can whip up, try out this soup. It reminds me a lot of my Zesty Fiesta Soup, just with a much simpler ingredient list. Here's what you need: 2 cans of corn [not drained] 1 can of black…

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Avocado English Muffins; Simple Breakfast Ideas

avacado toast

If you're one of those people that are able to wake up before work or class, shower, get ready, and eat breakfast all before leaving your house, PLEASE teach me your ways! I am the absolute worst at it. To help myself with my morning laziness (or as I prefer, just prioritizing my beautiful bed), I've started incorporating quick meals I can make at my house before heading out the door. My latest obsession: avocado toast/English muffin From start to finish, this dish takes about 5 minutes total. It's composed of healthy fats & carbs to keep you full throughout the morning with healthy energy! Not to mention, it's amazingly tasty. Here's what you need: 1 whole wheat English muffin [I use the light 100 calorie ones] 1/2 avocado 1/8 fresh lemon Black pepper…

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Orzo & Veggie Bowl: Easy Dinner Idea

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

Last night Dj & I watched the documentary, Forks Over Knives. It's a look into our dietary health and how our diets as humans and nations has changed over time. It was SO interesting and I highly recommend checking it out if you're interested in health and food. The diet centers around more plant-based, whole foods, which I know is very important. They made the argument that if you do have meat in your diet, you should look at it more as a condiment rather than the focal point of your plate. I decided to try out this lifestyle for a few days so I can make a more personal decision if this is something I would want to try and pursue. Tonight, I made a quick meal that ended up being DELICIOUS. After…

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Healthy & Hearty Fall Soup

Healthy and Hearty Fall Soup

Smokey turkey kielbasa + fresh veggies + hearty beans & potatoes = the perfect brothy, nutrient packed, and filling fall soup. When the weather cools down, I tend to gravitate more towards the warming comfort foods. Soups, oatmeal, fresh hot muffins, crock pot meals... You get the gist.  :) This soup is the perfect balance of light yet hearty. My meat & potatoes loving boyfriend even loves this dish (most likely since there is actual meat and potatoes present ;) ) and will bring a Tupperware for lunch or heat up a bowl for a quick dinner. The best part about this easy peasy recipe is that you can portion it out and freeze to grab in the mornings and be thawed and ready for lunch. Meal prepping is something I swear by, but…

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Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken [in the crock pot!]

Pulled Zesty Pineapple Chicken

This week, I dusted off my crock pot. It's a "chilly" 70 degrees in Florida, and finally feeling like fall. Autumn to me means a few things: Soups Pumpkin Oatmeal & most importantly: crock pot recipes Sunday morning, I woke up early with an unusual amount of energy. I went on a 20 minute run, cleaned my apartment, did all the [masses] of dishes, and even prepped lunches & dinners for the work week. Crock pots are magical for this very reason. I love when I can throw a meal together and just forget about it. I've created a similar shredded taco chicken in the past, but this has a more citrus-y kick to it! The chicken is amazing paired with some brown or wild rice and veggies. [I used broccoli, corn, & carrots!]…

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Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Bake

homemade teriyaki chicken stirfry bake

I've come to the conclusion recently that I choose foods based on sauces. Sauces are my biggest weakness, and honestly, the only reason I eat things, such as french fries, is because of how much I love ketchup/ranch/honey mustard/sweet chili sauce... I can go on and on. One of my favorite food growing up was teriyaki chicken rice bowls. Wanting to cut down on my carb/sauce in take, I decided to play around with a lighter spin on the classic favorite. I was a little apprehensive trying it as a bake, but lets be serious, when was cheese ever a bad idea? [hint: never] Here's what you need: 24 oz chicken (either 6 small chicken breasts or 3 extra large ones) 4 packed cups of raw mixed veggies [I used cauliflower, broccoli, onion, red bell pepper,…