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Let’s Get Serious for a Moment

Being Kind Quote

I’ve never strayed away from my happy/healthy lifestyle genre that this blog is created after, but today that’s going to change as I talk about something that weighs very heavy on my heart.

Buzzfeed shared a story to Facebook this week about a human rights group who filmed themselves as they ripped a puppy from the grasping hands of a homeless man. The man is shown sobbing as he fights for his dog back, even being brought to the ground as he desperately watches these thieves steal his dog and run while he lays crying and defeated on the cement ground.

While I’m living in the states & this story happened in Paris, it’s an extremely common occurrence to hear stories such as these. Stories that show the homeless population as less than human. It’s unfathomable how other humans can treat one another; especially at their lowest points of life.

The first emotion to arise when I saw this story was horror. I automatically became sick to my stomach and had to leave my desk at work for fresh air and to try and stop myself from crying. The homeless population is something I have always been passionate about, but before, I would try to swallow the feelings of sadness and try to block stories like these from my memory.

But why? Why should we put on blinders to stories that put a knot in your stomach? I’ll answer that for myself: because it’s easier to pretend something is not an issue than to tackle our feelings straight on. What can I do? I can talk until I’m blue in the face about treating others with kindness and compassion, but it is a waste of time and unrealistic for me to believe that I can change someone with a cold heart. Rather, I try, and urge you to try, to rather focus on those in need and use your desire to do good in a positive way.

My ending thought/take away is simple: showing a little compassion can go a long way. Always stand up for what you believe in, even if your knees are shaking as you do it.

There’s a petition going around to bring the people who took the homeless man’s dog without any kind of warning/permission as he cries out for help to justice, which you can view & sign here.

It’s in French, since Paris was the location of the act, but if you do not speak the language, I encourage you to use Google Translate to be aware of the exact issue they are fighting against.

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