Happy Hour at Moxie; JAXploring

The past two weeks have been pretty busy. Dj was in Japan for work, I’m working on migrating my blog over to a WordPress domain (more on this later), and I’m trying to finish applying for grad schools.

This weekend, Dj came back, we had met new friends that just moved down to Florida, and the weather was beautiful! What this all calls for? Happy hours!

Exploring different areas, trying out new restaurants, and getting together for drinks are all things I love to do.

We started off our weekend after getting off work with meeting up with some friends atMoxie Kitchen & Cocktails. They actually do a happy hour on Fridays (surprising for around here), so I decided to test out a few new drinks.

I started out with their Cucumber Collins, which has New Amsterdam Gin, simple sugar, lemon & lime juice, and topped with fresh cucumber. This was amazing! It was so simple, I know it will be simple to recreate.

I also ordered their Pimms!

I haven’t had Pimms since I lived in London! It really brought me back– a made me a tad homesick for that place.

One thing that I really love about Moxie is that there is seating outside, and they have upstairs, downstairs, and even side of the building options. We sat upstairs on these cute little benches, and before we knew it, 3 hours had past. Don’t you love places that you can relax, have a drink, and socialize with friends without feeling the pressure of leaving? I sure do!

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