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Feel Good Friday; vol. 15

What to know before starting a blogFrom the post, So You’re Thinking of Starting a Blog?

Happy Friday, guys!

Have you had one of those weeks that felt like it would just never end? That was me this week. On Tuesday, I thought it was Thursday… talk about a letdown!

This weekend, we’re finally getting those massages. We had them planned for last weekend, but the times ended up not working out so we had to reschedule. I’m really glad about that now, though, since after this week, a massage is definitely needed!

Other than that, Tyler and I are planning on getting to work at adding to GPL’s YouTube channel! Have you checked out my 5 minute curls hair tutorial? It’s a little lonely being the only one, so we’re going to fix that 😉 .

What do you have planned? Whatever it is, I hope it’s a good one! Until then, your Friday dose of procrastination:


On Embracing a More Active Lifestyle:

  1. Challenge yourself to try one of these 82 push up styles!
  2. Stretching is so vital for your body but often overlooked. Check out these 5 simple stretches to do each day.
  3. My favorite fitness YouTube channel! She did a 30 days yoga challenge; all around 30 minutes, which is perfect to quickly do after a long day at the office. She rocks!
  4. Now that fall’s in full swing, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails. Check out these running tips for beginners.

On Making Your Home Décor Resemble All Things Fall:

  1. How cute are these rose gold faux pumpkin candle holders?
  2. I’m not a huge fan of candy corn, but I am a fan of the play on the candy turned into centerpieces from old wine bottles!
  3. How to turn old Mason jar lids into a pumpkin. Yes, you read that right.
  4. Turn dollar store fall placemats into pillows!
  5. Canvas art using fall leaves.

On Making Your Heart Have the Warm Feelings:

  1. A random woman on a train started giggling at her phone & it became contagious!
  2. The reason this guy has painted nails is the sweetest.
  3. An 80 year old man build a train to take his 9 adopted dogs on rides. Can I ride too?? Please?
  4. Quiz of the day: Where should you live based on your preference of pizza? I got Missouri!

Miss anything on GPL lately? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

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  3. Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Bake
  4. The Tastiest Baked Brie

& a post roulette from the archives of GPL:

  1. Homemade Air Fresheners

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