Today’s Finds: Colorful Crackled Wine Glasses


I can’t wait to share my weekend update with you all! I’m going to attempt to write that post after this one, but first things first- today’s shopping finds! These cute little glasses are just too cute to not share with you guys.

I tend to wine a lot… 😉

A few Valentine’s Days ago, Dj gifted me with these stemmed glasses, which I automatically fell in love with. They have the most unique details and the perfect pop of color to make them stay classy while standing out just the right amount.

After finding they were from Pier 1 Imports (one of my favorite stores ever), I hopped in my car and found they also sold them in stemless! Of course, I needed the complete set, so I picked up a matching color in each.

Then, this week while doing the dishes, my clumsy self knocked one straight on the floor and shattered it to a million pieces! While this might not bother the typical human, having the set be down a glass was not ideal. So today, while out shopping, I stopped into Pier 1 and was overly excited that they not only still carried the set, but it is CURRENTLY. ON. SALE. (20% off- score!)

Want to be wine glass twins? Here you go!


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