Raspberry Ginger Balsamic Chicken

Raspberry Ginger White Balsamic Chicken


Let’s get honest with each other for a moment, nobody has time to cook crazy meals during the week while working or going to school full time. [Unless you’re some super human, like Julia Childs or Blair Waldorf (..I think she’s queen of all she does)].

That’s where my love for one-panned meals comes in. [You guys remember this Baked Hummus Crusted Chicken, right?]



A local winery in St. Augustine sells different flavors of white & regular balsamic vinegars. I snagged this tasty raspberry ginger flavor the last time I made a trip. (You can find a similar Blackberry Ginger Balsamic here!)

Flavored balsamic vinegars  are a great low-cal substitute for classic dressings and sauces. Not only are they healthier, but they’re very versicle! You can pair this with a cheese & bread plate, top on a salad, or even add a splash with a club soda for added flavor.



The best part about one-pan meals? They are SO simple. Seriously, give yourself 40 minutes and you will be sitting at the dinner table with a great meal in front of you. *Weekday win!*


You can also download this recipe here!


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