My Top 5 Must-Have Summer Body Products [Under $20!]


It’s hard to believe that summer is already creeping up upon us. When it comes to this sun-kissed season, I’m obsessed with everything about it. The sunshine, the sand, salt water hair, naturally pink cheeks, margaritas.. I could go on an on!

To get a jump-start on all-things-summer, I thought I’d put together a post of all my favorite summer go-to body products. Best part? They’re all under $20!

Being a recent college grad, I am still on a strict budget. I love to hunt around and try and find the best deals, hidden gems, and try out new products. Here is a list of my favorites:


1. Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy:  I’ve struggled on and off with blemishes since middle school. Nothing seemed to work when I was younger, and it was frustrating. I tried countless face washes, creams, toners, even some test remedies (like putting my face above a boiling pot of tea while wrapped in a towel…)

Finally, I landed upon Bare Minerals skin care line. I loved the fact that they were 100% natural and used pure minerals straight from the earth. Their Blemish Therapy did wonders for my face and it is my go-to summer spot solution. It comes in a little case of light colored powder that covers while fixing your blemish! I swear my spots go down by 50% over night with this powder.

You can read more & order it HERE! Price = $18.00 (a little container of this lasts me months!)


2. Tresemme Perfectly Undone Wave Creation Sea Foam: Did anyone else use that scrunching spray a few years ago that made your hair really crunchy and wet looking? I loved the idea of the no-hassle summer hair, but wasn’t a fan of the crunch. Since then, I’ve pretty much sworn off those products, assuming that they would do the exact same to my hair. After my friend, Danielle, came to visit me the other week, and couldn’t stop raving about Tressemme’s new product, I bit the bullet and bought the product.

First, I loved that it’s a sea foam. It has very similar effects of salt water hair, the loose wavy look, without the crunch and messiness actual salt water & other scrunching products bring. I simply toss this in wet hair, and I’m good to go. It gives me the natural look of beach waves without actually being on the beach!

You can read more & order it HERE! Price = $7.99


3. E.L.F. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzer Powder: When it comes to the warm months, I try to spend all the time that I can outside. I grew up in California, so I’m pretty sure I actually have salt water in my veins ;). Any day spent by the water is a good day in my book. One of my favorite things about being in the sun is the natural color that you obtain. However, sometimes my skin can tan unevenly, so I like to help it out a little. This is my FAVORITE go-to blush/bronzer combo pack and can be found at pretty much any store (I buy mine at Target).

I’ve played around with multiple bronzers, but when I read up that ELF was compared to Nars, I knew I had to try it. I was seriously blown away! I actually ditched my Mac bronzer & blush for this stuff– and best part? Price = $3.00 


4. Carmex Lip Balm: So this stuff is an oldie but a goodie in my book. When summer hits, it’s important to take care of your lips & I have a strong obsession with lip balm. Carmex is one of those lip products that you know automatically begins working once it hits your lips. You can actually feel the lip balm soak into your lips with an automatic tingling feeling. Plus, it has SPF 15, which is a must for sun protection- nothing is worse than sun burnt lips!

You can order it HERE! Price for a 3-pack: $6.87


5. Hempz Herbal Moisturizer: When thinking of what you need after a day on the water, lotion is an obvious. I found this Hempz lotion a few years back and was hooked instantaneously. It’s made from 100% pure hemp seed oil, leaving a long lasting moisture on your skin. Because it is also enriched with shea butter, ginseng, and natural extracts to clam, soothe, and condition the skin, I hardly ever peel!

You can read about it more & order it HERE! Price: $11.35

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