Homemade Whole Grain Mac and Cheese & a Whole Bunch of Random!


I know I’ve been so awful and neglectful lately! As you may know, I am now a “big girl” and have a real job. I’m a Marketing Specialist/ PR Rep, so 97% of the day is spent online.

SO, once I get home, I’ve been sideways staring at my laptop, leaving it lonely on my living room table. That’s all changing today, though! I’m officially back. 🙂

This past weekend, Dj brought me to the PGA Players Championship golf tour. He sometimes gets away with having golf on the tv, and it bores me to sleep. So, needless to say, my anticipations for the event were low.

After making friends with the bartender, however, my feelings all changed! 😉 He sure made a mean Bloody Mary! Watching golf in person is completely different, as well! Watch out Tiger, I may take up a new hobby!



The week prior, we made it back up to WVU. It was graduation weekend, and so that was the very last weekend the majority of our friends would be in town- we had to savor it!


My favorite part of this picture is the pup, Yogi. He’s so sweet! 

Of course, a very happy Mother’s Day to my lovely gem of a lady!


She deserves some type of award for putting up with all the craziness! She’s the best!

Dj and I are starting to really feel comfortable in our new life in Jacksonville. We’ve started to make friends, which, of course, makes life 500x easier!


Being so close to the beach is awesome! (That should be a given)

NOW. For the next 10 days, Dj is out of town, exploring the ships and working on the engines in California. He is so rude for not taking me with him. 😉

If only my job would allow it…!


So while I’m home alone for 10 days, I’m introducing a new (uplifting) segment titled #dinnerforone. By the way, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you totally should. 


Last night’s concoction: Homemade Whole Grain Mac & Cheese.

It was seriously SO easy.

All you do is cook the whole grain noodles in low-fat milk and once done, stir in sharp cheddar!

I, of course, added hot sauce to this because hot sauce is everything.


Talk about simple!

Tonight I am making my version of healthy shrimp stir fry! Check back tomorrow for the recipe!


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