Airport Travels. Goodbye, Philly and Helllllo, Southern California!


I have officially made it to Southern California! I landed late last night and was welcomed by warm weather and palm trees. I’ve missed this!

Travel days are long and boring. I had a 5 hour flight, followed by a 2 hour layover, followed by another 1 hour flight, so when I finally reached baggage claim I wanted to kiss the ground and do a dance.. (don’t worry, I only thought about doing that)!

Traveling can pose a lot of problems for food. I didn’t want to risk eating what they had on the airplane, so before my first flight, I stopped by this quick sandwich and salad place called Green Leaf’s. I was surprised at how fresh and good their options were!

I did their “Build Your Own” salad option. I chose:

*Mixed Greens *Spinach *Red Onion *Dried Cranberries *Edamame *Corn *Green & Red Bell Peppers *Croutons *Egg* 

For dressing, I had a side of their Mandarin Ginger Vinaigrette. It was really good!


This salad was huge! I ate the whole thing. And that side of Planters Men’s Health Choice nuts.


This salad would be really easy to recreate at home, score!


Safe travels, if you’re traveling this holiday season!

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