Weekend Festivities & Holiday Energy Bars!


This weekend the weather was beautiful! It’s been super cold and snowy in West Virginia, so on weekends like these, I embrace the outdoors.

Pictured above is an overlook called Coopers Rock. My roommate, Sara, and I walked up there as the sun was starting to set on Thursday. Usually, we hike down through the mountain, but since we arrived as the sun was setting, we just sat and talked and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Friday and Saturday were just as beautiful! Saturday we went to the driving range. DJ is a golf lover, and while I tried (but miserably failed) at the driving range, I bought a cup of coffee and enjoyed the fresh air while watching DJ in his element. 🙂


We had the entire range to ourselves! We went along with two other friends, and could not believe nobody else was out enjoying the weather! (Oh well, more room for us!)


When the sun set, the entire sky turned pink and purple. This picture really does not do it justice at all! Sunsets are my favorite.


Earlier this week, I stopped by the grocery store quickly but stopped mid-walk when I saw these babies.

I am a huge fan of energy bars, as well as holiday flavors. I could not wait to go home and try these! I tried the Pecan Pie for breakfast, the Iced Gingerbread as a pre-workout snack, and the Pumpkin Pie as a late night snack when I could not kick my sweets cravings! They were all so so so fantastic. I really enjoyed the Gingerbread and Pumpkin the best.

I will definitely be going back to stock up on them before the holidays end!

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