Quick & Easy Breakfast


When it comes to sleeping, I’m a huge fan.

Especially now that the weather has turned so cold, it becomes harder to convince myself to leave my bed earlier than I absolutely have to…

However, staying in my heaven bed has its downfalls. I hate skipping breakfast because when I’m sitting in class and the hunger begins to kick in, I’m more inclined to just grab something quick, which is never healthy and just a waste of money.

I’ve started to find quick breakfasts which I can make and eat and still stay in bed longer than usual. 🙂

One of my favorites is this recipe.

All you need is *2 low-sodium rice cakes* 2 tablespoons warmed PB2 (or a nut butter) *¾ sliced banana* 2 tablespoons honey *2 tablespoons ground cinnamon*

This breakfast is really quick- only takes about 5 minutes total to make and eat- as well as so filling and yummy! If I eat two of these for breakfast, it will keep me full way into lunch time.

Low-sodium rice cakes are also my favorite snacks because they’re airy, but fill you up. Each cake only has 40 calories! So you can be creative and top them with a variety of things. 🙂

For one complete rice cake: 149 calories

For two complete rice cakes: 299 calories

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