Feel Good Friday; ser. 7


Happy FridYAY!

This weekend, some of my friends from London are coming in! I’m extremely excited. I’m not sure exactly what we’re going to do, but they’re such a good time, it’s bound to be a great weekend!

Now, your Friday dose of positivity:

  1. A yoga studio in Illinois is inviting people to join a class with shelter cats, which, in turn, as created more kitty adoptions!
  2. Corgi puppies chasing a camera- I repeat- corgi puppies chasing a camera!
  3. Professor Snape on helium!
  4. I will definitely be taste testing these 4 overnight oats recipes.
  5. There’s a theory floating around that cats are actually spies. 😉
  6. So, vodka gummy bear popsicles happened… talk about a perfect summer treat!
  7. These hilarious [but fake] interview tips will be sure to have you laughing out loud.

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& a post roulette from the archives of GPL:

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Have a great weekend! What are you all getting into?


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