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Mornings Done Right!

Happy day after Christmas! Is anyone bearing the shops today? I’m not! Currently, I’m cozied up in my new Christmas pajama pants and enjoying a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with fresh fruit! Yum! One of my favorite go-to breakfasts. Hope you’re enjoying your day off! Xo

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Cheesecake Stuffed Gingerbread Bites! Only 4 Ingredients!

Cheesecake Stuffed Gingerbread Bites

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas… :) I graduate in 2 days! Exciting, scary times! Tomorrow, I have my family coming in. My mom lives in London and my dad & his side of the family live in California, so I cherish the moments I am able to spend time with them! I wanted to make some treats for them to be welcomed by, my first being these cute yummy little Cheesecake Stuffed Gingerbread Bites! These cookies take only 4 ingredients to make, so it was a good first cookie to get myself back into the swing of Christmas baking. You Need: *1 package of Tollhouse Gingerbread Cookie Mix (you can make your own if you’re feeling ambitious) *1 package of room temperature cream cheese *2 cups of Powdered Sugar *1 tablespoon…

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Healthy Deviled Eggs! No Mayo!

Healthy Deviled Eggs

I am still in a food coma from yesterday! I love love love Thanksgiving. Not only the amazing food, but family time, as well! I rarely am able to see my little sisters & my dads side of the family because they are in California, while I’m in West Virginia. Sooooo, I really love the holidays when I get to come back and love on them! My sister, Jordyn, loves to cook as much as I do. She’s only 12 years old, but already an amazing baker! She makes the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen! Yesterday, Jordyn and I took to the kitchen to make multiple dishes. One of my all time favorite side dishes is Deviled Eggs. They are so yummy, but with all the mayonnaise included, the healthy part of…

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Weekend Festivities & Holiday Energy Bars!

This weekend the weather was beautiful! It’s been super cold and snowy in West Virginia, so on weekends like these, I embrace the outdoors. Pictured above is an overlook called Coopers Rock. My roommate, Sara, and I walked up there as the sun was starting to set on Thursday. Usually, we hike down through the mountain, but since we arrived as the sun was setting, we just sat and talked and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Friday and Saturday were just as beautiful! Saturday we went to the driving range. DJ is a golf lover, and while I tried (but miserably failed) at the driving range, I bought a cup of coffee and enjoyed the fresh air while watching DJ in his element. :) We had the entire range to ourselves! We…

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Strawberry Honey Greek Yogurt Pops!

I have the biggggggest sweet tooth. After meals, or random times throughout the day, I get a craving for something sweet and usually cannot crush it! These little greek yogurt pops are the perfect solution. They are the perfect size for something quick to snack on- and they remind me of ice cream. :) All you need: *Your favorite flavor of low-fat greek yogurt (I chose Honey)* Your favorite fresh fruit (I chose strawberries)* First, add 2 tablespoons of your choice of greek yogurt into all the slots in an ice cube tray. Cut strawberries in ¼. Place a toothpick in the strawberry and stick down into the yogurt. Freeze and enjoy! Make as many as you want for a quick and easy treat. :) Per Yogurt Pop: 23 Calories

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Quick & Easy Breakfast

When it comes to sleeping, I’m a huge fan. Especially now that the weather has turned so cold, it becomes harder to convince myself to leave my bed earlier than I absolutely have to… However, staying in my heaven bed has its downfalls. I hate skipping breakfast because when I’m sitting in class and the hunger begins to kick in, I’m more inclined to just grab something quick, which is never healthy and just a waste of money. I’ve started to find quick breakfasts which I can make and eat and still stay in bed longer than usual. :) One of my favorites is this recipe. All you need is *2 low-sodium rice cakes* 2 tablespoons warmed PB2 (or a nut butter) *¾ sliced banana* 2 tablespoons honey *2 tablespoons ground cinnamon* This breakfast…

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Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins… 3 Ingredients!

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins

It’s finally time to “fall” into pumpkin season. ;) (bad joke, bad joke) These pumpkin spice muffins are sooooo good and sooooo simple! Today the weather is really gross out. It’s very cold and rainy and, therefore, I’m boycotting outside. :) Instead, I decided to cozy up in a big sweater, brew some coffee, and bake some pumpkin goodies! My mom used to make these, and once I left for college, I stole her recipe because I can’t get enough of these. Every time I make them, I am harassed asked for the recipe, and everyone is SO surprised how simple it is. THEY’RE ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS! It doesn’t get much easier and cost efficient than that! All you need is: *1 can pure pumpkin* 1 box spiced cake mix* ½ bag semi-sweet chocolate chips* Make sure…

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Snacks On the Go… Student Life!

Midterms just ended! Hallelujah. :) Like most, during the week I’m pretty busy. Being a full time student, as well as working part time, it’s all too easy to get swept up in a time crunch and forget to eat. That’s where quick stops like McDonalds come in. However, to kill that option, I plan ahead! The night before I know I am going to have a busy day, I prepare some snacks to bring with me for some easy snacking to hold me over throughout the day. Here is an example of what I pack on a typical library long day. :) *1 banana *1 cup fresh halved strawberries *yogurt *hard boiled egg with pepper* What do you pack to hold you over for snacks throughout the day??