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Endless Summer Salad

Is it just me, or did this summer completely fly by? I love summer time… the warm weather, wind-blown hair, and so much fresh produce! Don’t get me wrong- I also love fall. I am team pumpkin everything! However, these crisp fresh flavors in this salad just bring up sandy sun-kissed memories. :) Endless Summer Salad: - 3 cups of mixed salad greens - ½ of an orange - 1 sliced kiwi - ½ cup sliced fresh strawberries - ¼ cup shredded carrots - 2 tablespoons low-fat goats cheese - 1 ½ oz sliced brie cheese - 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (for dressing) - 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar (for dressing) This salad has 2 servings. For each serving: Calories: 269 To add more protein to the meal, adding some grilled…

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Balsamic Baked Strawberry Caprese Chicken

I love cooking with chicken. It is so versatile and healthy, that you can pair it with new ingredients and never become tired of the same old meal! This recipe is a spin off the typical caprese salad (tomato and mozzarella). My boyfriend strongly dislikes tomatoes, and that is putting it lightly! I love the freshness that caprese salads bring, so I played around a bit with ingredients that I could substitute for tomatoes. Strawberries were the answer to my desperate search. :) They add just a hint of sweetness that pairs so amazing with the balsamic and fresh mozzarella. It was seriously so good. I made more than enough for the two of us, and we finished it all. What you need: - Skinless chicken breasts (For this recipe, I cooked 4 breasts) -…

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Zesty Fiesta Soup

This recipe is amazing for your taste buds, but also extremely time and budget friendly! My roommate makes a “taco soup”, which I took inspiration from, and packed it full of protein, fiber, and fresh veggies. I can’t express enough how easy and amazing this recipe is. Ah-May-Zing. I am a full time college student and work about 20 hours a week, so during the week it is nice to have a go to pre-made meal that is also good for me that I can just heat up quickly. I chose to cook mine in the crockpot while I relaxed at home and watched football all day. I have made it before in a big pot on the stove, and either work just fine. If you have the time, I would suggest slow cooking…