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Quick & Easy Breakfast

When it comes to sleeping, I’m a huge fan. Especially now that the weather has turned so cold, it becomes harder to convince myself to leave my bed earlier than I absolutely have to… However, staying in my heaven bed has its downfalls. I hate skipping breakfast because when I’m sitting in class and the hunger begins to kick in, I’m more inclined to just grab something quick, which is never healthy and just a waste of money. I’ve started to find quick breakfasts which I can make and eat and still stay in bed longer than usual. :) One of my favorites is this recipe. All you need is *2 low-sodium rice cakes* 2 tablespoons warmed PB2 (or a nut butter) *¾ sliced banana* 2 tablespoons honey *2 tablespoons ground cinnamon* This breakfast…

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Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins… 3 Ingredients!

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins

It’s finally time to “fall” into pumpkin season. ;) (bad joke, bad joke) These pumpkin spice muffins are sooooo good and sooooo simple! Today the weather is really gross out. It’s very cold and rainy and, therefore, I’m boycotting outside. :) Instead, I decided to cozy up in a big sweater, brew some coffee, and bake some pumpkin goodies! My mom used to make these, and once I left for college, I stole her recipe because I can’t get enough of these. Every time I make them, I am harassed asked for the recipe, and everyone is SO surprised how simple it is. THEY’RE ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS! It doesn’t get much easier and cost efficient than that! All you need is: *1 can pure pumpkin* 1 box spiced cake mix* ½ bag semi-sweet chocolate chips* Make sure…

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Game Day Tri-Apple “Nachos”

I love all things football. That’s one of the reasons that fall is my favorite season! Yesterday, we had an away game, so all our friends got together to watch the game at home. Instead of having only typical tailgating foods, I wanted to provide some healthy options, as well. These apple “nachos” were a huge hit. They were literally the first dish gone! They are so simple to make, and only need three ingredients! For a big platter of apple nachos, you need: *5 apples (I used three types for flavor variety- green, red, and pink lady) *One big dark chocolate bar *½ cup crushed up unsalted peanuts* I prefer milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is a lot better for you, health-wise. Mixed with the peanuts and sweetness of the apples, I enjoyed…

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Skinny 63 Calorie Brownies

My number one weakness in life is chocolate. Cookies, brownies, candy bars- literally any type will do. If I had to choose to live off one type of food for the rest of my life, I would have to choose chocolate. If only there was a way to be able to eat chocolate without all the guilt… And now there is. :) These brownies are only 63 calories! (I’ll let that sink in for a second.) What you need: - ¾ cup creamy peanut butter - ¾ cup vanilla (or honey) greek yogurt - ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk - 2 egg whites - 1 tsp baking powder - ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder - ½ cup oats - About 1 cup of truvia Blend all of the ingredients, except the peanut butter, in a…

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Fresh Watermelon Topped With Low-Fat Cool Whip & Chocolate PB2

Last night my sweets cravings were out of control! Instead of diving into the cookies that my roommate keeps buying (grrr…) I decided to try a unique dessert instead. I am in looooove with PB2. It is so much lower in fat than peanut butter, but tastes the same! I wasn’t too sure how it would taste on watermelon, but mixed with the low-fat cool whip, it was really good! Ingredients: - 1 ½ cups fresh cubed watermelon - 2 tablespoons low-fat cool whip -2 tablespoons chocolate PB2 This serving was pretty big, it filled a cereal bowl, and really filled me up and killed those cravings! Best part? The entire bowl was only 131 calories. Much lower in calories than those oreos! ;)