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Instagram Round Up! vol. 2

Eating Out Healthy

I realize not alllll of you have Instagram [although I’m extremely obsessed with it and don’t understand how not everyone can not be 😉 ], so I thought I’d share with you all some of my simple go-to’s I typically reserve for my Insta! {In case you missed it, you can find my first Instagram Round Up here!} While I love to cook, I also love to go out to eat. I enjoy the whole atmosphere of getting out with your friends and not needing to worry about cooking, cleaning, and ensuring everyone likes the food. When going out, I try to keep my choices light since typically restaurants pack calories into their meals. Deerwood Bistro is my favorite breakfast & lunch spot in Jacksonville. Here I ordered their curry chicken salad in a spinach wrap…

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Feel Good Friday; ser. 13

  Top 10 Motivation Quotes Happy Friday!! Do you have anything exciting planned? Dj and I are just going to take it easy tonight, make some food and watch some movies. Tomorrow, I have another grad school exam, so fingers crossed! Afterwards, we're planning on getting together with some of our friends & just seeing where the weekend takes us. Enjoy your weekend! & procrastinate a little before your weekday is over- you deserve it! ;) This business’s hiring model is amazing Amazing dad award! The song I’ve had on repeat this week These espresso toffee chocolate chip cookies are all I need in life Um, I would pretty much never ski again… Anyone else suck at this whole “adult” thing? These healthy pumpkin muffins look divine! (and have me itching for fall) What…

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Feel Good Friday; ser. 12

TGIF! :) I actually can't believe it's already Friday; this week went by SO fast! [I'm hoping that, therefore, means the weekend will go reaaaaaally slow ;) ] Dj has been in California all week for work & is coming back tonight! I'm not sure what exactly we will be doing, but I'm feeling like exploring. Do you have anything planned? I hope your week was great & that your weekend is even better! Until 5 o'clock rolls around, here's your weekly dose of procrastination! These guys proved that business CAN strive on kindness This woman became a hero after taking her phone with her on a smoke break at work Any Boy Meets World fans out there? Here’s what Morgan looks like today! I'm loving this contouring look Cosmo taped men watching their girlfriend’s…

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Instagram Round Up! vol. 1

I realize not alllll of you have Instagram [although I'm extremely obsessed with it and don't understand how not everyone can not be ;) ], so I thought I'd share with you all some of my simple go-to's I typically reserve for my Insta! I have a bit of an obsession with oatmeal. Umm, do you recall this chocolate peanut butter cup or this chocolate covered strawberry recipe??? (drooool). My staple breakfast is most likely oats. This is a cup of plain old fashioned oats cooked in water. After they're cooked, I mix in 1 packet of Truvia, a dash of ground cinnamon, and topped with berries!   Making a big ol' batch of spa water and keeping it in the fridge is an easy way I stay hydrated throughout the week! Here we have 4…

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Top 10 Favorite Motivational Quotes

Have you ever had one of those weeks that are just kind of.... blah? I have a lot going on in my life recently, both personally as well as professionally that I need to find a balance between. I'm 98% of the time an extremely positive person, but sometimes you just need some extra motivation to get yourself going. I've been playing around a lot with Photoshop and decided to create some inspiration for myself while honing in on creative skill at the same time! If you need some push for a *movement* in your life- this may just be the perfect post for you! I've compiled my top 10 quotes that I love & live by for some inspiration during these unexpected ruts. :) 1. As creator of hit shows, such as Grey's Anatomy, it…

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Feel Good Friday; ser. 11

Happy Friday! Last weekend I crossed #7 off my bucket list & went to Miami! Let me just say, Miami lifestyle is one that would be hard to get used to. I think I slept a total of 4 hours, so I'm quite excited for some quality TLC time with my bed this weekend ;) On Saturday I'm going wedding dress shopping with my friend Lauren to look for her big day! Eek! I'm really excited! Are you getting into anything fun? For now, your Friday dose of procrastination: The tiniest puppy you’ll ever see! (I think my heart just exploded) Google is offering 3 free months of coding lessons to women & minorities. Calling all GOT fans!! Ever wonder what you should be buying used instead of new? This video is great for…

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Feel Good Friday; ser. 10

This past weekend's sparkler fun! When thinking of Friday's does anyone else automatically get that awful, yet extremely catchy Rebecca Black song stuck in their heads? I'm excited to share with you all how the 21 Day Fix is going next week (spoiler alert- it's not all positive!) This past week & a half, Djs been visiting his family in Philly so I've been able to take it easy. This weekend, I don't have any plans set in stone, but something is always bound to pop up! Did you do anything this week or have anything planned for this upcoming weekend? Enjoy your last day of work before *FREEEDOM* ;) Adidas is saving the ocean one shoe at a time! Amazon is launching their own version of Black Friday, yet better. Best news? You…

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Feel Good Friday; ser. 9

West Virginia University Football

Happy 4th of July weekend, my American friends! As most of us are off this Friday, I'll make this post short & sweet. Dj is out of town visiting his family in Philly for the next two weeks, I'm smack dab in the middle of the 21 Day Fix, and I'm overly excited to be having a looooooooong weekend! Are you getting into anything exciting? Last year, my old roomie//bestie Sara came to visit and we hung out all day on the beach. This year will be much different, but I'm still planning on having a good time. ;) Whatever you get into, be safe and have a blast! A man waking up from surgery and seeing his wife again will give you all the feels. This simplistic ombre nail tutorial is something I’ll…