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Free 21 Day Fix Week Long Meal Plan


As many of you know, I'm a BeachBody coach and focus my excersize and meal plan around their program, The 21 Day Fix. According to BB, "It's not another diet. In fact, it's just the opposite. 21 Day Fix makes eating and fitness so simple, anyone can get great results. With 21 Day Fix there's no counting, no guessing, and no wondering. Just easy-to-follow portion control and one 30-minute workout per day. That's all." From the post, Skinny Breakfast Pizza I've had an influx of people ask me recently what exactly the 21 day fix is, what I think of it, and recipes + tips for those that are curious if the lifestyle is something that they can take on. I've done a few daily What I Ate on Wednesday posts (check out post #1,…

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Memorial Day Skinny Fruit Punch Sangria


Happy Memorial Day weekend! To all of those that have served, I thank you. All that have served gave some, but some gave all. For those, this day is for you. My family is highly involved in the military, so Memorial Day was always special for us. We'd take the day to be thankful for those that have served, are currently serving, and us having the freedom to all be together. We'd do the typical Memorial Day activities, cook out, play games, but we'd always be sure to remember the reason why this day is so special. This Memorial Day weekend, two of our friends from WVU, Erik & Val are coming up for the weekend from Philly. We're going to explore Jacksonville, probably head down to St. Augustine, and, of course, spend plenty…

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Skinny Breakfast Pizza

Skinny Breakfast Pizza

So lately I've been craving pizza like crazy. I am currently loving on thin crust; the extra crunchy texture is everything, guys. The other day, it was 9 am when my pizza cravings hit. Seriously.9.am. Not wanting to cave in too early in the day (even though healthy pizza is totally a thing), I decided to stick with breakfast, but make a play on the standard pizza to reinvent it into a food acceptable for that early in the day. So, low and behold, breakfast pizza was born, and I don't see myself ever going back to another weekend breakfast idea any time soon! Well, unless it has anything to do with guacamole goat cheese toast, but that's it. ;) Serving: 1 breakfast pizza 1 whole wheat, low carb tortilla 2-3 tablespoons of a…

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Caprese Balsamic Soft Boiled Eggs


I think one big misconception about eating a healthy diet is that there is so much prep and time that goes into it. In reality, I'm always finding ways to whip up meals and snacks that take less than 10 minutes.  The key is to keep certain staples around your house that are prepped beforehand. I like to meal prep one day during the week (usually Sunday nights or Monday nights) basic foods that I know can work in various recipes. These generally include: Brown rice Hard boiled eggs Soft boiled eggs Baked veggies Brown rice pasta or whole wheat pasta Spaghetti squash Tofu (or chicken, shrimp, ground turkey, or any other lean protein) Then, when the day comes, I can mix and match what I want to eat. The meals generally include: Stir…

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Guacamole Goat Cheese Toast


When it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, (okay, literally any time of the day), avocado is my jam. I have a very similar love affair with goat cheese, so when I combine the two, something magical happens. If you remember my go-to breakfast for avocado English muffins, this post won't come as a surprise to you that this is still my ultimate go-to breakfast combo, but adding some variations to recipes never hurt anyone. In fact, I've found ways to improve on already stellar recipes (teriyaki chicken stir fry BAKE, anyone?) I was really craving some avocado toast the other morning, but I just had one problem: I didn't have any ripe avocados. However, I'm not one to give up that easily, and when I realized that I had some single servings of guacamole…

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Make Ahead Red Pepper Breakfast Sandwiches


Every Sunday, I set aside time to meal prep different breakfasts and lunches throughout the workweek. I am the kind of person that gets bored with repetition, especially when it comes to food. I'm not the biggest fan of leftovers, maybe after a few days, but eating the exact same thing as the morning before just does not appeal to me. To help this, I meal prep smaller batches of different variations of food. For lunch, I love making a few containers of this skinny cheesy shrimp pasta, some teriyaki chicken stir fry bake, or even this light fruit & nut chicken salad. Lunch is pretty easy & has a ton of different options. Breakfast, however, is pretty basic. To switch it up, I create some chocolate covered almond protein bites, a few make…

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Skinny Pickled Deviled Eggs


It's funny to look back on childhood memories and compare your experiences to ones your friends had. Some we share, like going to private school then switching to public school and the all horrendous outfit choices you made your first year now that you had the choice of wardrobe. (I literally wore a blue snake-skin cheetah shirt that tied up in silky back string my first day of 5th grade and still remember it to this day... ugh.) While some experiences were vastly different. You should have seen my boyfriends face when he asked me what I was making and I told him pickled eggs. "Uh... pickled eggs????" I was, in return, shocked that he'd never had one before- something that my grandparents would keep in bulk in their fridge and I would choose…

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What I Ate on Wednesday; Vol. 3

"Easy weekday meal ideas"

One question I’m frequently asked is what I eat on a typical day-to-day basis. Sure, recipes are great, but many people want to know the more simple meals I munch on throughout the day. From the post: Homemade Acai Berry Bowls As an easier guide besides “check out some breakfast and lunch ideas on my blog!”, composing a post that gives an exact depiction of what I eat from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep seemed a lot easier. I'm a big believer in eating foods that are healthy for you. I don't count calories, I rather keep track of food groups + the nutrients that I put into my body. I'm currently on the 21 Day Fix, which provides healthy workouts (only 30 minutes per day- yesss)…