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Baked Balsamic Fruit – 21 Day Fix Approved


When I was younger, one thing I would look forward to is driving up to my grandparent's house in beautiful Oregon. I would still love that, but being located in Florida just makes the drive a tad longer than from California ;) My grandma is hands down the best baker. She makes everything from scratch- including my all time favorite thing- PIE! I always knew that going to grandma & grandpa's house meant pie every night, which is every child's dream! [don't try and disagree with me on this because pie is life] Being in the middle of the 21 Day Fix, I can't exactly eat pie (sadly), but I needed something to curb this awful, awful sweet tooth of mine! Knowing from my sweet grandma that nothing is better than warm berries, and how much…

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Light Cheesy Shrimp Pasta – 21 Day Fix Approved

I'm a week into the 21 day fix! So far, it's going pretty well. The workouts are tough but 30 minutes is definitely manageable. The thing I miss the most is knowing I am *able to* say yes to things (does that make any sense?!) I'm used to going to happy hour & having a glass of wine or two, going to dinner and ordering what I felt at the moment, or joining in on a BBQ and not needing to pack my own separate grilling necessities. That being said, I understand that 21 days is not forever- it's actually under a month. I'm feeling better, being more aware of what's going into my body is eye opening, and I'm already down 4 pounds [sayyy whaaaat!] PLUS, recipes like this Light Cheesy Shrimp Pasta…