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Top 15 Most Popular Recipes to Ring in 2015!

Happy (almost) New Year! Have you all created your resolution list yet? I’m really trying to focus in on living an all around healthier lifestyle. I would like to hone in on working out more, eating better, and putting my wallet on a diet! We’ll see how long that last one will hold up… ;) 2014 was an amazing year filled of ups and downs. I graduated from college, I moved from West Virginia to Florida, met new friends, and started a new job. There’s been a few rough spots, but overall, 2014 was a great year and I have a feeling that 2015 will be just as great- if not better. To help ring in 2015, I wanted to compile a list of the 15 Most Popular Recipes of 2014. To check out…

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Ho Ho Ho-liday Wine Bottles

‘Twas less than 2 days till Christmas and all through the house, were other procrastinators huddled around their [computer] mouse, trying to find the perfect last minute gift for his or her spouse.. All jokes aside, this is the PERFECT gift, last minute or not. It’s just so easy to make, and so cute, that if you are still looking for a gift idea, look no further! All you need: Bottle of wine of your choice (although red is easier for paint reasons). I did one of each Red paint Black ribbon Hot glue Gold or silver glitter White or silver puffy paint Ribbon I used this wine because I loved the gold top. Of course, pick a wine that best suits your needs! Add at least 2 coats of red paint to the…

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DIY Vanilla Lavender Bath Bombs

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than 5 days away. Last year, I had no problem getting into the holiday spirit– however, I think it is much easier when you are up north. Down here in Florida, it is currently 67 degrees and I have my windows open. While some may consider this ideal, when it comes to this time of year, I love the seasons! The snow fall, the scarves, starting a fire, drinking hot chocolate.. you get the gist. Of course, Christmas isn’t waiting for me to get into the spirit, so I’m brewing hot tea in my Santa Claus mug and blasting Michael Buble’s Christmas album and hoping for the best. One thing I never need to worry about being in the mood for is baking, crafting, or gift giving!…

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5 Minute Hair Tutorial for Perfect, Everyday Curls

Watch Here! Video Tutorial: How to fully curl your hair in less than 5 minutes Lazy girl win of the day! With this simple method, I get the sleep I need & style I want. Comment below any questions you may have! Watch Here! Video Tutorial: How to fully curl your hair in less than 5 minutes Links to products below: Hair Wand Tangle Teaser Brush Small Hair Ties Background Music (Source: https://www.youtube.com/) Watch Here! Video Tutorial: How to fully curl your hair in less than 5 minutes

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Cinnamon Apple Pie Moonshine

‘Tis the season to turn my apartment into a DIY Santa’s Workshop! I love this time of year, and am obsessed with making my own gifts. I have a very large family so I need to start planning my holiday gifts early. While some people don’t agree with playing Christmas music, baking holiday treats, and gift prepping before Thanksgiving, I am not one of those people. :) Right after I change out of my Halloween costume, I am turning on my Christmas iTunes playlist. Coming from a large family has taught me to think of gifts early, and in this case, I am very glad I did. Homemade moonshine is one of my favorite things. It may be because I am a West Virginia girl, but the stuff is amazing. However, it is extremely strong.…

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DIY Body Scrubs! Cute & Quick Holiday Gift Idea

Well, it’s official.. I’m a college graduate! It’s a feeling I cannot put into words.. it’s extremely surreal. I had so much fun this past week with my family coming to West Virginia. They live all over the world, so whenever we can all be together it’s always such a great time. My roomie for the past 4 ½ years! :)  My boo. :) Currently, I am sitting on my mom’s couch in her flat in London, England. She lives overseas and was able to come for the weekend, too! Morgantown was packed with my family and I loved it! I have a pretty big family. When it comes to the holidays, it can be pretty draining on my college bank account. More than that though, I really enjoy personalizing gifts. I think that making your…

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Homemade Puppy Treats! ..Because Dogs Deserve Christmas Cookies Too

When it comes to Christmas, I’m really big on DIY gifts. I think they are more personal, and of course, more wallet friendly. I’ll be posting some human friendly do-it-yourself gifts later in the week. :) I’m also a huge puppy lover! One of my best friends, Danielle, has the cutest little 3 year old, Remi, who basically acts like a human. Dj’s roommate, Tom, has a dog named Yogi. He is the sweetest pup who just wants to cuddle and play all day long! I didn’t want to leave these furry friends out of our holiday festivities, so I made them some homemade treats! Making your own treats has many benefits. For one, they are a lot cheaper. The ingredients I used, almost everyone will already have on hand. Also, you know exactly…